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How to convert or force your mobile phone from 4G to LTE in a few steps

How to convert or force your mobile phone from 4G to LTE in a few steps

If you were wondering how convert or force your mobile phone from 4G to LTE? And you want to do it quickly and in a few steps, here we will explain it quickly, but specifically. You just have to have your mobile phone handy before you start.

mobile technologies They have been with us for about a century. When they came out, they were very basic and looked too much like a radio signal. However, over the years, they have revolutionized everything related to intercommunication.

So much so that today it would be practically inconceivable not to have them. To perform this procedure, it does not matter whether you are using a physical card or a virtual card.

What is LTE?

LTE technology, is one of the newest in the telephony industry, so it has evolved slowly, like 4G technology. Both are based on the considerable improvement in speed achieved with 3G, so many people use it today.

Perhaps what made it not a global standard is that, when it first appeared, it was necessary to purchase a new mobile device in order to be able to connect to both 4G and LTE. In addition to the fact that, depending on the mobile phone you have chosen, you can download content at a higher or lower speed. For this reason, it is very important to know which mobile phone model is best for you when considering mobile connectivity.

One of the main ones the benefits of using LTE Over 4G, it is its speed when uploading content, both on social networks and on any platform.

forcibly convert a 4g lte mobile phone

LTE can be considered complementary, a 4G aid, focused exclusively on internet browsing, therefore usually acts at the same time, but this can be changed with whatever you prefer.

How do I force my mobile phone from 4G to LTE?

To change our network to LTE only, we can use two options. You need to open the menu mobile network settingsOnce here, you need to look for the network mode section. If you tap, the options should appear and you should check «LTE only» here. If the 4G option does not appear, your mobile phone may not support it.

For the second method, we will need to use an application, it should be clarified that it can be found for free in the store of your device. The name of the application is «Elixir». When you install it and it appears on the screen of our device, we will continue to open it, it has a menu with several options, but in this case we are only interested in one of them.

The information box will be the first one we find, we have to tap and all the information on our device will appear, in this way we just have to search the phone section and tap, then select «enable 4G».

Here we will see a menu in which we can drag and there will be a part to select the type of connection, when we open this part we can select any network, but in in our case, we are only interested in the one that says «LTE only».

What can this change entail?

Using only LTE it does not bring major inconveniences In terms of internet service, on the contrary, using only LTE technology, we will have a very high browsing speed. With which we can see multimedia content very quickly.

smart mobile phone with 4g technology in a few steps

However, when activating this option, something similar happens when we force the 4G connection, which in this case you cannot access the 2G or 3G network because the device will only accept the 4G network as you have selected.

If you use only LTE, our mobile phone will lose the ability to receive calls or text messages, just because will connect to the internet service, so we need to be aware of this and, when we need to call, change it.

For this reason use LTE only It is recommended only when we do not need to make calls or wait for one and we just want to connect to the cloud.