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How to connect my Smart TV to the Internet in simple steps

How to connect my Smart TV to the Internet in simple steps

Connect your Smart TV to the internet It seemed a bit complicated at first, because I didn’t know how to do it and it turned out to be easier than I could have imagined, reading this small but important article, you will realize how fast it is to have internet access on your device. you.

It is convenient to expand and deepen the topic that really characterizes this section, how to connect a Smart TV to the Internet in simple steps, the main step we need to emphasize is that to make the internet connection there are two access options: With an Ethernet cable or a wireless WIFI network.

Theoretical it is better to use the Ethernet method Because it guarantees a stable connection, however, if you do not have the cable at hand or it is more convenient for you to have wireless access, then WIFI will offer you the same internet connection function.

How can I connect my smart TV to the internet with an Ethernet cable?

Once we are aware of the options mentioned above, we can explain in detail the steps to follow to have a the actual connection of the device.

If the router is close to the TV, you may be able to use the cable connection, but you need to perform an Ethernet setup, and for this you need to Take the cable and connect it from the router’s LAN port to the LAN port of the device, it should automatically access the internet.

If this does not happen locate on your Smart TV device In the setup menu, click network or network connection, select the option to start connections, then the LAN connection, and follow the instructions to the end.

connect smart tv to the internet

Not all Smart TV devices are the same, depending on the brand you will find words or different configurations, but these are the general steps to follow for any device.

How can I connect my smart TV to the internet with the wireless WIFI network?

Now, if you want to connect to the WIFI network, we recommend that you make sure that you have the lowest number of devices connected to the network, as their quality may decrease.

The method used to enter the WIFI network in the smart device is very simple because it is similar to the one applied connect to the LAN portTo do this, you will need to consider the following steps below.

Find the setup menu on your Smart TV, click on the network or network connection, then on the connection start option, select Wireless button, find the name of the WIFI network and then enter the key

Then it will be operational and ready to start using it. And if you’re still not clear about functions and the advantages of a Smart TV, then we’ll show you a little review of everything you can do at home after you’ve connected your device to the internet.

What are the benefits of having a Smart TV at home?

A smart TV is one of the best inventions which brought the evolution of the market, is a smart TV that allows you to access more activities (such as connecting to the internet) needed today.

connect smart tv to the internet

Below we will present the advantages of having a Smart TV at home. East smart device It contains various alternatives and tools that will be very useful, starting with the fact that it performs the same functions as a computer and you will be able to install applications and games, thus obtaining comfort for the whole family.

With Smart TV, do the following activities: watch series and movies using platforms such as Netflix, HBO, Disney Plus and othersYou can also listen to music on YouTube, surf the internet, log in to social networks, play games, and make video calls. Just download Google Play and play your Smart TV

Through a smart TV video conferencing is possible And let’s say that in these times of the pandemic, Covid-19 was the most viable tool in many companies around the world. The Zoom platform is the most common used by entrepreneurs.