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How to configure the APA format in Microsoft Word

How to configure the APA format in Microsoft Word

Configure the APA format in Word It is very useful when we need to send a document in which sources or bibliographic references are cited. Thanks to this set of standardized rules, any work or project submitted will be governed by a certain style that everyone you know must apply in their document. But how to configure the APA format in Word to perform jobs? Don’t miss the step by step below.

What are APA standards?

APA rules (American Psychological Association) they form a specific style under which the research documents used especially by professionals in the world of psychology, but also by other professionals belonging to the social sciences must be configured.

These types of rules are widely used by university students to form their work and include how borders should be formatted, the space and even the type or size of the font. On the other hand, many professionals use them to train their work, so it has become a standard that more and more people are using.

APA rules are configured as follows:

  • Font must be Times New Roman
  • Font size must be 12
  • The line spacing will be in 2.0 format with the text without justification and left-aligned
  • Spaces should never be used between paragraphs
  • The edges should be 2.54 cm apart
  • As for the use of document lines, they must have 5 spaces at the beginning of each paragraph.
  • The tables will not have lines separating the cells
  • The document must always be written in the third person

Configuring APA rules in text quotes

When referring to textual quotations, keep in mind that if the quotation is less than 40 words, the text should be enclosed in quotation marks and italics. If the text contains more than 40 words, quotation marks will not be used.

Author quotes

If a quote from the author will be written:

  • Must be quoted with last name and year of publication
  • The information is written after programming, and after programming the end point
  • After the text, the author’s name and year will be placed
  • The page where the citation is located is placed in parentheses after the final period

Quotes from the text

If the citation is based on a text:

  • The schedule is placed, followed by the name, year and page. Everything must be in parentheses.
  • A dot will be placed when the schedule was written, but always before the data.
  • It must be cited with the name, year and page, but must be done in a separate paragraph

Configuring APA standards for bibliographic references

Regarding bibliographical references, must follow the following structure:

  • Quoting a printed book: First name, First name of the first name in capital letters. Year. Title: Editorial
  • Citing an e-book: First name, First name of the first name in capital letters. Year. Qualification. Retrieved from (web address)
  • The chapter of a book: First name, AA and First name, AA (Year). Chapter title. In First Name AA (Ed.), Book Title (pp. Xx-xx). City: Editorial
  • Website: Author name, AA (date of publication). Internet source title. Recovered on [fecha de recuperación] from [Dirección del artículo]

Remember that when you enter the bibliography section, it must always be on a single page and in alphabetical order, indented.

Step by step to configure APA rules in Word

Now that you know what how APA rules are governed, you will learn how to configure them directly from Word. This is very useful for your work or for writing articles for a research thesis with content based on other references. To apply the APA format in Word, you need to follow the steps below.


APA font and size settings

APA font and size settings

If we already have a written document and want to adapt it APA format In Word, you need to select all the text and change the font size and type as shown:

  • Select the text and choose the font. In this case it will be Times New Roman.
  • Right next to FONT you need to select the font size, which will be 12.


APA setting of margins and space

APA setting of margins and space

At the time set the edges and space of a text conformable APA rules, you need to follow the next step:

  • Go to the tab Page design and select Page setup> Margins.
  • Now you need to choose the option: Custom margins and writes 2.54 cm
  • The next step is to put the distance between the lines. To do this, you need to go to Start> Paragraph. In this case you must use Double spaced


APA settings for header and page number

APA settings for header and page number

Page numbers, as well as the title of a text, must also be governed by APA format, following the steps indicated:

  • Go to the Insert> Header and Footer tab.
  • Choose your style and enter the information in the «Write here» text.
  • The page number in the header will be made by clicking on the text and accessing the Header and Footer section and selecting the Page Number
  • Select Current position> Gross number


APA settings for titles and styles

APA settings for titles and styles

Another section to be configured accordingly APA rules is that of titles. These will include the full title, the name of the author or authors and the institution of origin. Step by step is as follows:

  • Write the title of the text and select it
  • Go to Start> Styles. Here you have to choose the style that the title will have and follow the logical rule of title 1 for the main title and title 2 and later for the secondary titles.

If you want to avoid making every section of the configuration in every project, you can make one custom APA format configuration in Word, before you start writing your papers. This way, you will have already done all the configuration work before and also your writings will already be written in APA format.

Did you know …

The APA format began to be created from a short article published in 1929.

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