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How to clean the mobile screen?


The mobile phone has become an indispensable tool in our lives and that is why we must take care of it. Without going any further, we need to keep this in mind a smartphone is a sensitive device, especially its screen, which is why we need to clean it properly so that it lasts a long time.

Here we explain step by step everything you need to do for clean the screen in the best possible way and we’ll even tell you what you should never do (though, unfortunately, it’s pretty common to do).

This is how the mobile phone screen needs to be cleaned

What do we need for the cleaning process? Nothing complicated: a microfiber cloth without lint and distilled water. Of course, if you want to make cleaning much more professional, you can buy one at any time special liquid for touch screens.

  1. Take the microfiber cloth and make sure it does not release lint to avoid damaging the screen. Normally, many mobile phones include this accessory, but if yours doesn’t have it or you’ve lost it, the glasses that come with the glasses can be just as useful. Before you start cleaning you need to turn off the phone, as this will make it easier for you to find stains as the screen turns black.
  2. Grab the phone, place it in your hand or on a flat surface and cleaning begins. You should do it with circular and gentle movements, providing the screen with a microfiber cloth, but without pressing too hard to prevent breakage. With dry cloth will be enough, but if you see that the stains do not disappear completely, you can take a cotton cloth, moisten it a little and tap the screen again (in circles).
  3. Once you have taken this step hit again with the dry microfiber cloth so that the device does not get wet. Allow the mobile phone to air dry. Never try to dry it with a hair dryer or by exposing it to high temperatures, as it can be very harmful to the device.

When you are finished, it is recommended that. wash the cloth you used. To do this, you will need to put hot water in a container and let it soak with a drizzle of neutral soap. Then let the cloth air dry, hang it somewhere, which you know will be able to dry properly and not stain. It is essential that the cloth is very clean if you have to use it another time.

If you follow all these steps, we assure you that your screen will be clean as soon as possible, but if you also want to disinfect it and kill germs, now we explain what you should do.

How to disinfect your smartphone screen?

It is essential to get a special gel that we all know hand sanitizer. Once you have it, get one small paper towel and make sure it is very clean. Following:

  1. Pour some disinfectant gel on the chosen towel and rub so that most of the towel has that gel impregnated. With a damp towel, tap the screen of your mobile phone. This time circular movements They are also ideal, so you will put an end to both the stains and the bacteria that the device may have.
  2. Place the phone on a flat surface and wipe the screen with a microfiber cloth so that no gel remains.
  3. Allow the air to dry mobile phone and make sure the screen is clean. Make sure your phone is not in contact with items and agents that can reintroduce bacteria.

clean mobile screen

What should we avoid when cleaning the outside phone?

There are some habits that I have taken out of habit and that are wrong to be able to clean a mobile screen. If you want your device screen to be in perfect condition, you need to forget about all of the following:

  • To spit: it is common to give the mobile screen with a little saliva and a cloth or towel to clean it. However, we must not forget that saliva can become corrosive and, as a result, it is possible to damage the screen sooner or later.
  • Ammonia: It is not recommended to use ammonia products to clean the mobile device, as it has chemical components that can penetrate inside the device and damage it.
  • Abrasive materials: Something similar happens with them as with ammonia, because its components can kill the phone in an instant.
  • Do not spray: if we want to clean the screen, we will have to do it with a cloth and lightly, do not spray the mobile with a cleaning product, because applying the product in this way can penetrate inside the phone and can damage the inside of the phone.
  • Tap water: for many of us water is the perfect element to clean any element, but in the case of phone screens it is not the most recommended option because this water contains chlorine which is a substance that can significantly damage the device.
  • Towels and handkerchiefs: To clean the screen, be sure to use microfiber cloths, regular towels or face tissues are made of specific fibers that often scratch the screen.

Did you write down all the steps you should take and the last tips? Then you are ready to properly clean the screen of your mobile phone. Now, whenever you want to clean it, you just have to follow everything I told you, and your mobile phone will always be completely clean. The screen is one of the most sensitive components of smartphones and we must make sure that we take care of it by all possible means.