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How to clean colored tea cups

quitar manchas de las tazas

Some time ago, We have revealed some solutions to be able to clean dishes and pans effectively and thus, they are free from the dirty stains and burns that are obtained when you use them. Well, this time we want to offer the following article at RecursosPrá how to clean cups with tea and coffee stains which contemplates 4 of the best home remedies for removing stains from glass or porcelain glasses made from tea, coffee or other beverage, review each of the following solutions and choose the one you like (the last solution is the best, when you read it you will understand).

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How to clean cups with tea and coffee stains [SOLUCIÓN #1: Casos fáciles]

The first solution, it will allow you to easily and easily remove stains from cups and in this way, leave them as new, clean and shiny as you always want and for this, they will need: warm water, white vinegar and a sponge or some cloth.

How to remove stains from cups [PREPARACIÓN]

Once they have what they need, they will fill up to ¾ parts of the cup with hot water and fill them until they are filled with a jet of white vinegar or other vinegar in its absence.

After doing this, they will let this mixture rest in cups for at least half an hour or even overnight (the longer the rest, the better) and in this way, the lime and scales that adhere to the inside of the cups will soften, it will come off and dissolve in the liquid.

After a reasonable time, the sponge will be taken and its rough surface (the green one) will be carefully passed inside the cups, washing with enough water and then, those ugly and dirty stains should come out of the cups.

How to clean cups with tea and coffee stains [SOLUCIÓN #2: Casos algo difíciles]

This second solution, It will be used to clean very stained and dirty cups due to the consumption of coffee or tea. and to do so, they will need a little warm water Sodium bicarbonate and clean cleaning pads.

How to remove stains from cups [PREPARACIÓN]

What they will do is moisten the scourer with water and after doing so, they will spread the cloth over the baking soda so that enough baking soda will adhere to the wet wash pad.

After doing the above, they will take one of the cups and pass inside it, the wet wash buffer with very neat baking soda, carefully and carefully to realize in this way that the ugly and disgusting stains of the cups ( see attached video).

However, this solution has its variants and one of them that we consider much better to apply is to leave the glasses with a mixture of water and baking soda at rest for at least half an hour (ideally overnight). .

After that rest, take the sander and clean the glasses carefully and with that, the stains would come out much easier from inside the glasses as a result of the action of dissolving the baking soda with water from the glasses, try it and we will see.

How to clean cups with tea and coffee stains [SOLUCIÓN #3: Casos difíciles]

The third solution we explain, It will serve not only to remove stains from the cups, but also to leave those cups disinfected and clean of any microorganisms. and to use it, they will need cold water, a container or dishwasher, a drop of bleach (bleach), dish soap, washing buffer and protective gloves.

How to remove stains from cups [PREPARACIÓN]

They will continue to leave the cups in the container or in the dishwasher with the lid on and add enough water to completely cover the cups.

Once this is done, they will pour a stream of chlorine into the container or dishwasher containing the water with the cups and let it rest long enough for the mixture to work (at least half an hour or better). , over night).

Once enough time has passed, they will put on protective gloves, pour water with chlorine and notice that the stains have partially disappeared.

So now all you have to do is take a wash buffer with some soap to wash the dishes and run it through the inside and outside of the cups, to remove the hardest stains that could have remained and also the dirt that has been loosened by washing with water.

Finally, wash them with a generous amount of water so that there are no traces of chlorine (you know, chlorine is dangerous).

How to clean cups with tea and coffee stains [SOLUCIÓN #4: Casos difíciles]

Lastly, We want to add a primary cousin solution or a variant of the previous ones and which, in our opinion, is much more comprehensive and complete. because you can remove stains from cups, but last but not least, leave the cups disinfected and with a pleasant aroma that makes you feel in front of the cups really clean and to use this solution, they will need water, a container (dishwasher), vinegar, bleach (bleach), sponge, wash buffer, protective gloves and, in addition, lemon juice.

How to remove stains from cups [PREPARACIÓN]

First, they will put the cups in the container (the dishwasher with the lid on) and then they will put enough water to cover the cups.

They will pour a jet of vinegar, chlorine and also baking soda (you can mix it before and pour it together) into the container or dishwasher with water and let it rest for a reasonable time (at least half an hour , ideal overnight).

After the rest time, they will put on protective gloves, throw away the mixture or leave some of it better and pass the sponge to remove what could have stuck to the cups and wash with enough water.

Finally, they will take the scourer and put the lemon juice in it and then generously pass it through the cups so that the lemon aroma penetrates the pleasant smell and remains fragrant and, in addition to this, will give a tone. bright cups.

In this way, they will be able to remove stains from cups, disinfect them and are not satisfied with it, they will have cups with a slight lemon flavor (by the way, it can be replaced with lavender or any infusion they want). With this article: How to clean cups with tea and coffee stains, this problem is solved.