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How to choose a lock?

How to choose a lock?

How to choose a lock?

Many videos and articles expose tricks and talk about how to choose a lock. Looking at them and reading them, it seems a very simple thing; the reality is that it requires skills that not everyone has.

Picking is part of a series of techniques known as Lock Picking: consists in choosing the locks without having the original key, with the advantage that uses non-destructive methods.

With these methods, blockages are usedand other tools thatI overlook the brute force, do a clean job without collateral damage or destruction to regret.

Although producers of safety devices claims to have created the safest lock in the world or padlock impossible to break, the truth is that there are always gaps in design which are usable.

Each locking system has mechanical defects; Look Picking is based on their meticulous study and the creation of methods and tricks that make it possible to force security mechanisms with similar characteristics.

The techniques that make up Look Picking refer to picking and hitting; Both are very simple to make and sometimes require only fairly accessible hand tools to complete them.

  1. Techniques for choosing a cylindrical lock.

Choosing a lock may have been the first non-destructive way to access the internal mechanism of these devices to force their security and thus open them, even if the original key was not available.

choosing, as a technique, uses two independent methods, What are they at the same time complementary; because one or both may be used at the same time in the same attempt to open any lock: lifting and raking.

choosing is applicable so much for cylindrical locks such as Bojas or gorjas, somewhat different in the latter. For both classes of devices there are blockages (tips or needles, as they are called) right.

There are many that echo the benefits Pickled with homemade tools. Although it is true that their management could be effective It’s not as easy or safe as it sounds.

Ganzuar is not something you learn in a distance learning course or in free brochures. To be a good collector you must have certain qualities:

  • Extensive knowledge of the internal conformation of the locks and padlocks.

  • Appropriate tools for the exercise of the work of locksmiths.

  • Good hearing and excellent touch for handling and using blockages.

  • Proven experience in trade.

Basic harvesting plantIt is, logical, election, of which there are very varied types. They can be made of aluminum, titanium, stainless steel or any other metal capable of withstanding the not so appreciable roughness of the work.

Along with the pick (or pick), Lock Picking requires the use of a tensioning device. It is a metal instrument, whose most common shape is that of an «L». Like the pick, it can be made of steel, aluminum, titanium.

While the pick is used to «set» the screws inside the cylinder, the function of the tensioner is to serve as an «auxiliary», from the outside, must cause the rotation voltage in the cylinder in the same direction in which the key works.

tread that must be given to choose a cylinder lock are:

  1. Insert the tensioner into the keyhole, on the side of the groove opposite the location of the screws.

  2. With the tensioner, taken with the opposite hand to the one we use to handle the pick, we exert a small rotational pressure on the cylinder, away from the door frame.

  3. We take the choice with the index fingers and the thumb and we insert it into the keyhole.

  4. Carefully, we feel with the choice to try to find out the location of the screws and their number. Generally, a cylinder locking device has between 5 or 6 screws.

  5. I recognized the screws, with the pick it is placed one by one in the same cutting line of the cylinder. It starts with the one that is located deeper.

  6. Each time a screw is «inserted», we will feel a certain vibration in our fingers index and thumb; «Placement» will also click, which we can hear if we pay special attention.

  7. When we have engaged all screws on the shear line, the cylinder or rotor can rotate freely and by activating the door latch, the door will open.

  1. How to choose a double lock.

To choose a double lock it is necessary to know its internal structure. It is based on a series of sheets, each cut out with a distinctive shape; there are usually between 6 or 8 blades inside the lock.

Each sheet assumes inside a position based on your modeling. When entering the key with the right combination and take turns, the peaks are aligned by activating the entire mechanism, the door can be opened.

A very useful tool when you want to choose a ratchet lock it is the magic key, system based on a set of small metal brushes.

Magic Key Set It has:

The operation of Magic Key is pretty simple:

  1. Enter the magic key or choose in the keyhole of the lock.

  2. Once inside, the pick is raised to the stop, in the same direction of opening the lock, until the brushes are positioned under the pins.

  3. There are oscillating movements the magic key, pushing the brushes against the holes.

  4. Movement and pressure will do the brushes adopt the positions corresponding to the opening of the lock. When this happens, the lock will open without difficulty.

The magic is that pen brushes «automatically print» the shape of the key, facilitating opening.