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How to check if your iPhone has been refurbished

How to check if your iPhone has been refurbished

After you buy a used iPhone, you may be wondering about its history. When it was first sold, did Apple leave it as a new or refurbished device? Fortunately, there is an easy way to find out. In this way.

Find the model number of your iPhone

Open the Settings application and go to General> About.

Launch the settings and tap About

After tapping About, you’ll be presented with a list of important information about the iPhone, including the device name, software version, and model number.

Find the model number of your iPhone

Pay close attention to the model number, as this will reveal the origin of the iPhone.

  • If the model number starts with M , newly purchased from Apple.
  • If the model number starts with F , has been reconditioned by Apple or an operator.
  • If the model number starts with P , was sold as a custom engraved iPhone.
  • If the model number starts with N , Apple provided it as a replacement device for an iPhone that is not working properly.

If you find that your phone has been refurbished, it is not necessarily a cause for alarm. Apple presents Reconditioned products certified for through a rigorous process that makes them like us. Carefully clean each unit, replace any broken parts if necessary, and replace the battery and outer case.

In general, Apple-certified refurbished products look and work like new iPhones, but for legal reasons Apple can’t sell them as new. Apple generally offers these refurbished products with a considerable reduction, so they can be very good.

Operators such as AT&T and Verizon are also refurbishing iPhones and selling them at a discount. Unlike Apple, they may not change the battery or offer a new 1-year phone warranty. (You can check the warranty status on iPhone by accessing Apple warranty site and entering the serial number of the device).

Refurbished devices from third parties

If your phone was previously refurbished by an independent repair operation that is not authorized by Apple, the model number will not necessarily reflect this. Few third-party vendors have the strictest standards for refurbishment, such as Apple, so it’s best to avoid refurbished third-party devices if possible.

While knowing the origins of your Apple-based iPhone won’t make a big difference in how it works, it depends more on how previous owners handled it, it’s always good to be better informed and this quick tip works. .