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How to change your mobile SIM card PIN

Cómo cambiar el PIN de tu tarjeta SIM de tu móvil

The SIM card has a security method that is predefined at the factory and is the unlock PIN. You can change this numeric password by configuring your mobile device, regardless of its operating system, although the location of the option may vary on Android or iOS. This article will mention the ways you can change the default PIN to a custom one on any phone.

On the one hand, the step-by-step procedure for change your PIN on Android devices or iOS. In addition, a method to change this password will be displayed by a USSD or function code. The latter alternative will work for any mobile phone, regardless of its brand or operating system. If you want to learn customize the SIM card PIN on your mobile, don’t stop reading this guide.

On Android

procedure for changing the SIM card PIN on Android It’s very simple, the first thing you should do is enter the settings of your device. Once you have done this, continue with the steps below:

  1. Go to the «Security”.How to change the SIM card PIN of your Android phone step 1.
  2. Find the section «SIM card lock«And click on the option»Set the SIM card lock”.How to change the SIM card PIN of your Android phone step 2
  3. Then click «Lock the SIM card«And then you have to enter the current PIN. If you have not changed it before, you can find this code on the packaging of the telephone line next to the PUK code.How to change the SIM card PIN of your Android phone step 3
  4. By entering the required data, the PIN card lock will be activated. At that time, the option «Change the SIM card PIN«That you need to click.How to change the SIM card PIN of your Android phone step 3
  5. Then you will be asked put the current code once, and then Pin us twice to confirm the change and continue with the procedure. Both times you will have to press «To accept”.How to change the SIM card PIN on your Android phone step 5

With these simple steps, you will achieve perform code customization to unlock your phone chip on Android. It is recommended that you write the code in a safe place so that you never forget it and never lose access to your device.

On the iPhone

The procedure of an iPhone is not very different from that of other mobile phones, the most important change is the location of the SIM card lock option, in this case is in «Mobile data”. Once you have entered this section, you must perform the following steps:

  1. Find the section «SIM PIN”.
  2. Then, if you already have the lock active, you’ll only need to select «Change the pin”.
  3. A new screen will appear asking you enter the current code, enter it and press «To accept» continue.
  4. After that, you will need to enter a new one and to confirm the change, type the PIN again.

This way you can change the default SIM card numeric code for one of your preferences. and maybe it’s not that hard to remember. If this is the first time you’ve tried to change this code and you don’t know what your original PIN is, you can search for it on the card wrapper.

On any device

There is method that works on any mobile phone regardless of make, model or operating system. This technique involves using a numeric code that you must enter in the application «call”. It should be noted that in order for it to work, all steps must be taken correctly.

The first step is to open the application with which you make phone calls. You will need to enter the following code later: «** 04 * CURRENT PIN * NEW PIN * NEW PIN #”. Finally, to make the change, you must press the call button. An example of this would be to change the PIN code from «1234» to «5678», you need to enter the following code: «** 04 * 1234 * 5678 * 5678 #».

With this information, you can change the SIM card PIN on your mobile device if necessary, quickly and without complications. Remember that you need to write down the code in a safe place or memorize it well so as not to have a bad time blocking the phone line chip and having to use the PUK code several times.