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How to change the password of the Telmex Infinitum modem

How to change the password of the Telmex Infinitum modem

Change the name or password of the Telmex Infinitum service modem It is something that many users of this popular internet service want to do to personalize the service and improve the security of the modem to ensure that no one will use their network.

Step by step Changing this data is very simple and in just a few minutes your network will be completely secure and protected from intruders. Don’t miss our simple tutorial to access the modem and change your password to access your wifi network from Telmex in minutes.

Below we will show you the steps you need to follow change your WiFi username and password without any problem.


Step 1: Enter your website details to customize your modem

The whole process of Telmex Infinitum password change It is done through the official website of the company. The first thing you need to do is access the portal, a website that allows you to customize your modem from a dashboard accessible from anywhere.

You can also customize your modem through the iOS app in the App Store or Android on Google Play.

To access the panel, you must have the following information ready:

  • 10-digit Telmex number
  • Modem serial number (located on the back of the modem).
  • E-mail

Fill in the details and then click the «Continue» button.


Step 2: Update your Telmex Infinitum username and / or password

If the data entered was correct, you will be able to enter the file on the next screen new desired information.

In the form, update the following information in case you want to change it, you can also leave the fields that you do not want to change unchanged.

  • New name for your modem: Enter the new name for the Wi-Fi network.
  • New password: enter the new password. Make sure it is not very easy to discover.

Then click the «Update» button.


Step 3: Make the changes

After verifying that the data entered was correct and pressing the «update» button, you will be informed of the new data. by email.

Once this process is complete, remember that you need to update the information on all devices connected to the modem with the new data.

By following these steps, you just need to save your changes and enjoy a secure connection to your Wi-Fi network. From the same access you can change the name of the Wi-Fi network so that it is not easy to locate.

If you can’t change your wifi network password or you have a modem configuration problem, you can contact the TELMEX service for advice at any time or they will do it themselves password change from the modem. Changing your Wi-Fi password from time to time is a security measure you shouldn’t miss.

Infinitum is an internet service that belongs to the company Infinitum to Telmex (Phones of Mexico SAB of CV). Through a telephone line, it allows access to the Internet with ADSL2 + technology and with speeds between 5 Mbit / s and 50 Mbit / s.

Because it is one of the most widespread services in Mexico, there are many Telmex users who want to keep their data and network protected, so one of the most requested questions is to be able to access password change to prevent other users from connecting to your Wi-Fi network from your Telmex modem.

Did you know …

Telmex internet service has started to be marketed exclusively under the brand Infinitum since 2009 to unify the service.

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