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How to change the Microsoft Office theme and give it a new look Microsoft Office Guide, is the suite of office applications that gives you …

How to change the Microsoft Office theme and give it a new look Microsoft Office Guide, is the suite of office applications that gives you ...

Microsoft Office, is office application package offered by Microsoft, among its popular applications such as Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Outlook, among others, a tool more than accurate and used by many when it comes to transferring their knowledge to a job, business or study.

Over time, the application package has improved its features and functionality, so much so that it has become an indispensable package in offices, educational institutions and homes of a large number of users. After the advent of mobile phones, Microsoft on its official website shows us that it has managed to adapt and create applications in this package to add them to these devices.

With the popularity that the dark theme has gained in a variety of applications and the benefits of helping reduce the impact of blue light, Microsoft has not lagged behind and added it in updates from 2016 to 2019 in its version for desktop and mobile. In this post we will show you how activate the variety of themes offered by this popular package.

What colors can Microsoft Office be configured for?

From Microsoft Office 2019 Update, the package gives you the opportunity to change the classic monotonous theme in a variety of shades. You can also make it more comfortable for your visual pleasure, depending on your preferences. The shades available for your choice are as follows:

change the Microsoft Office theme

  • Multicolor: this aligns with visual elements of the application to highlight the main color of each application in the options bar.
  • Dark gray: for users who prefer a lower contrast in the visual elements of the application.
  • Black: Unlike the previous one, this theme offers a greater contrast in the visual elements.
  • White: a theme that reminds the classic style of the application.

How do I put dark mode in Microsoft Office?

Given the previous observations, the process of placing the dark theme that the new Microsoft Office package update is next:

Open an Office tool

We will continue to open one of applications offered by the Office suiteIn this case, we will try the Microsoft Word application.

Go to «Account» in «File»

We go to the Archive section found in the left corner of the toolbar, we press the account option.

Select the theme «Black»

As soon as the menu appears, in the themes section, we can see the themes we have available, in this case we will select «Black», then we will press accept and it will be applied. It should be noted that this topic we will have it available as long as we have it Microsoft Office 365 license and the latest package update.

How do I put the dark system theme in Office?

Microsoft Office system gives you more options to apply the settings corresponding to the use of themes, being undoubtedly a trend in a variety of applications, the way to change this theme is as follows:

new look microsoft word

Click «Options»

First we will go to Options in Microsoft Office applicationIn the menu that will appear, click on the «General» section.

Choose «Use system settings»

We go down to the section «Customize your Microsoft Office copy«In the Office theme, we choose the» Black «theme, once we select it, click on accept and the theme will be applied to the whole package. We will also have the option to change the Office background if we want.

The benefits of activating dark mode in your applications

With the continuous creation of blue light technologies, the emergence of this type of theme is a salvation for our sight, but it is not the only benefit it brings, some of them are:

  • Reduction of eye pressure
  • Facilitates brightness adjustment on screens
  • Provides reading comfort at night or in dark environments
  • Helps save battery
  • Improves the aesthetics of some applications

The use of the dark or light theme is already up to the user, but at least it is recommended activate it a few hours before bedtime, to avoid suppressing melatonin secretion and to get better sleep.