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How to change the mailbox lock

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Our mailboxes, although they may not look like them, are a precious commodity, in which letters are deposited, a book we ordered online, or the typical letter from the bank talking so that you can pay what you owe or give. something so you can go with them, which you haven’t done in a long time.

Because locks our mailbox It is important because it provides security to our privacy, in fact, it is the gap that separates our personal data from the rest of the people who pass through our mailbox.

So you can imagine how important it is to have a mailbox with a good lock.

change the mailbox lock priceChange the price of the mailbox lock

Since it breaks or malfunctions, it is best to change it to avoid problems, so that they take our data, for this reason we will teach you how to change a mailbox lock. If it is a key lock, we advise you to read our article on how to change the combination of a lock.

Learn how to change the mailbox lock

Here we will teach you everything you need to do to know how to change the mailbox lock, but first we need to know what tools we will use to change the lock.

how to change the mailbox lockHow to change the mailbox lock


  • Drill
  • Fine drills
  • Screwdriver or flat screwdriver
  • Pliers or pliers
  • Exchange lock
sliding door lockSliding door lock


  • If the mailbox lock has been broken, damaged, or if you cannot open the mailbox with the key, we will use the fine bit drill to drill the keyhole until the internal parts are released and we can open the mailbox.
  • Now that the mailbox is open, we will remove the latch by removing the security seal that brings the lock on the back.
  • With pliers or pliers, remove the nut that allows the lock to remain on the mailbox door.
  • This way we will have a mailbox ready to place the replacement lock.
change the mailbox lockChange the mailbox lock

But before buy a mailbox lockIt is highly recommended to take the lock you have already taken out at the hardware store to buy the same or a voucher, buy a lock kit for the mailbox.

  • Now all you have to do is install the new lock.
  • We insert the lock into the hole of the mailbox door, and the nut is forcibly placed the nut that holds it.
  • Put the latch, fuse or seal that allows the latch to stay in position and voila, all that remains is to test if it works well.
change the locked mailbox lockChange the locked mailbox lock

Learn how to change the mailbox lock It is something very easy that you can do at home, with some tools, without the need call a locksmith to do the job and if the key was broken inside the lock, we also show you what you need to do to be able tochange the mailbox lock.

change locked key mailbox brokenChange the mailbox lock key

How to change the locked mailbox lock

In this case, we can’t open the mailbox either, so we’ll have to force the door, it must be said that removing with a little force will be enough for bend the old latch And let the door open, once this is done, we continue with the rest.

change the mailbox lock without a keyChange the keyless mailbox lock
  • We remove the safety seal from the latch if it comes with it, if it does not have a lock, it will have a screw that can be removed with a screwdriver.
  • With the latch out, we’ll move on remove the lockIf it is a nut, we remove it by unscrewing it with pliers or if it is a clip by pressing the pliers on the two clamps while pushing it out.
  • We will now install the file new mailbox lock.
how to change the lock of a keyless mailboxHow to change the lock of a keyless mailbox
  • We place it in the locking space and screw the nut if it is of this type or press inwards if it consists of clamps.
  • seated latch, in some cases bring 2 or 3 types of latch, install the one that most closely resembles the one you removed and screw or place the safety.
  • Try the key with the key and voila.

Where to get a lock to change the old mailbox lock

There are a lot of places where you can get mailbox locks, from locksmith shops, supermarkets in the home section, a hardware store or on the web, where you can find specialty stores in locks or larger portals like Amazon where you will find an excellent offer of mailbox locks and all kinds of accessories.