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How to change the language of my unconfigured Macbook keyboard Many times, it can happen to us to configure by mistake …

How to change the language of my unconfigured Macbook keyboard Many times, it can happen to us to configure by mistake ...

On many occasions, it can happen that we misconfigure a parameter of our phone or computer, either because we made a wrong configuration, it comes with a factory configuration that we do not want, or because we have become curious to experiment with device and we ended up configuring it incorrectly.

set your Macbook to different languages

This can happen with many options, whether we set the wrong time of the clock, change the wrong password, or change the language of our keyboard, so that it gets complicated and makes it difficult for us if we do not know and understand the language in which we place the MacBook keyboard. our. Fortunately there is a solution to this problem which is much more common than you think and can be solved safely or from the desktop itself.

How do I change the Mac keyboard with a single command?

Among the various commands we find in macOS, there is one that will work for us to change the language of our keyboard in a few seconds, it will be enough just to press the control keys + option + space bar, we can also add more languages, this is more perform very easily In a few clicks setup, the steps are as follows:

  • To start, we need to go to the system preferences, it is at the bottom of the screen, look for the keyboard section and select it.
  • A window will open in which we will see different options and parameters to configure our keyboard, we need to click on the window that says input sources, a tab will open in which the current language of our keyboard is displayed on the left.
  • We have to click on the «+» button, a list of all the languages ​​that this operating system has will open, finally we select the preferred language and accept the configuration.

Macbook keyboard options

It should be noted that when you add a new language, they can be changed very easily, because, for example, if we want to change the keyboard language from Spanish to English, we just have to go to the top right of the screen and select the icon of a flag, there we will be shown the languages ​​we have previously selected and we will be offered the option to alternate the language to our liking. We can try different key combinations for different purposes, such as rotating the screen, copying text, opening a new window, among others.

What’s the difference between a Macbook keyboard in English and Spanish?

The differences between the English and Spanish keyboards of our MacBook are mainly the different functions of the keys, let’s take the following as an example: we know that the letter «Ñ» is absent in the English vocabulary, so if we select this language on our keyboard, the letter «Ñ» on our physical keyboard will not work, but rather it will be replaced by the semicolon «;».

The different functions that are performed when you press different keys simultaneously are changed, adapting perfectly to the language we are using at the moment, so the use of the language switching option works very well.

How to make symbols on any keyboard?

As mentioned earlier, our keyboard may react differently depending on the language we use, so in this case, we will take the Spanish keyboard as a basis, it is not difficult at all make symbols on any keyboard, as it is enough to look at the physical keyboard.

If we look closely, we can see that above the numbers on our keyboard, there are different symbols and characters, which, in most cases, can be typed by pressing the Shift key + the key that has a symbol that we want to write. We can do this process as well using the digital keyboard, for this case we go to the keyboard menu which is located in the menu bar, then press the option that says «show keyboard viewer»

make mac keyboard symbols

This keyboard has some advantages, one of which is that it shows typing suggestions, such as words for autocomplete or correction of what we type, in addition to giving us more navigation. Although the physical keyboard also has its own thing, allowing you to simplify tasks such as copying and pasting text, selecting all, taking a screenshot and much more, by pressing the key.

What if my keyboard was completely wrong?

If for some reason our keyboard has been misconfigured and no longer works properly, whether a key or a letter does not work, one of the best options in these cases is resets the keyboard, but before that we have to make sure that we check if the keyboard works correctly, we can turn off and restart the keyboard if it was an external keyboard, in addition to checking that the option «slow keys» in the presence of the system.

If the above did not work, we will have to reset the keyboard, for this we must follow a series of steps shown below:

  • We open our terminal, this is done by writing the word Terminal in the search engine found on the Launchpad icon.
  • We will write the command: sudo rm /Library/Preferences/ and press Enter.
  • We will be asked for the password, place it and press Enter to confirm the changes.
  • Finally we close the terminal and restart our computer.

If you continue to have keyboard problems, it may be due to a physical keyboard malfunction, so it’s a good idea to contact Apple Technical Support or go to one of their stores and tell them the situation, your staff is trained to solve this type of problem, for which in most cases they will be able to help you solve your problem.