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How to change the combination of a lock

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Change the combination of a lock It’s something that always comes to mind when you lose a key, however, it’s not something you can do at home unless you have the knowledge and tools to change the combination. If what happened to you is that the lock was deactivated without being noticed, you can read the related article.

change the lock combinationChange the lock combination

Depending on the make and model of a lock change the combination it can be easier or more complicated.

So, if you want to know how to change the combination of a lock, we will show you how to do it in different ways.

Why change the combination of a lock?

Change combination of locks It is a very good option to recycle and save money with a good lock that you already have at home, for which the key has been lost and you want to use it, so change the lock combination for a new key.

Something similar can happen when you accidentally lose the key to the main lock of the house, so for safety and to prevent the desecration of your property, it is better before completely change the lock is to change the combination of it.

how much it costs to change the lock combinationHow much does it cost to change the lock combination

Definitely a good way to save money and avoid problems with the security of your home.

Two easy ways to change a lock combination

As I said before, there are different types of locks and for each of them there is a different way to change the combination.

So here we will show you how to change the combination of a cylinder lock and a double lock.

How to change the cylinder lock combination

bowler locks They are one of the most used in the world, they are simple, cheap and quite safe.

They are characterized by the fact that they have a kind of drum in which the cylinder is located and the combination and axis that allow the key to rotate.

Sure, in cylinder inside you will find the essential part that makes magic happen, combination, which consists of pistons or needles of different sizes that are aligned when the key is inserted so that the lock can rotate and that it opens or remains securely closed.

change the lock combination with two bladesChange the double lock combination

So how do you change the combination of such a lock?

Quiet, everything on time.

It goes without saying that change combination of cylinder locks It is not an easy task and you will need locksmith tools, pistons and a lot, a lot of experience.

Necessary tools

  • Thin aluminum tube locking cylinder size.
  • Locksmith pallets.
  • Smooth key.
  • Pliers
  • Fine point tweezers.
  • Two locksmith hooks that are special metal parts for locksmiths.
  • A set of pins or screws for the new combination.


  • Remove locking drum at which the combination will be changed, if the whole lock can be removed to work on a table, much better.
  • The cylinder lock is removed with fine-tipped pliers.
  • To remove the cylinder from the drum we will use the hubs, but first, the smooth wrench must be inserted into the keyhole.
  • With the shim, it begins to be inserted from behind, in the space between the drum and the cylinder, it is done slowly, from the front the key must be easily extracted until the shim takes its place.
open combined padlockOpen the combination padlock
  • At the end, the lock is rotated slightly clockwise, and the aluminum tube is inserted from behind, so that the cylinder would be outside the drum.
  • The cylinder has the screws or pins with the combination, so we extract the old screws, place a new key inside the cylinder and take a set of pins to make them parallel to the edge of the cylinder.
  • With the pins ready and the new configuration done, it only remains to assemble again, we place cylinder with the tip of the tube that we inserted and inserted the cylinder inside the drum.
  • The safety is put in position and the drum is put back in the lock with the new combination ready.

How to change the double lock combination

This is another type of common door lockThey are flat, easy to handle and replace if damaged, but if you just want to know how to change the combination of this type of locks, here we show you how.

change the padlock combinationChange the padlock combination

In addition, you should not have more knowledge to achieve change the combination, because we will show you an incredible trick to change the combination of your lock even with the same key.

Tools for changing the combination of a lock

In this case we will only use:

  • A screwdriver or a slotted or slotted screwdriver will depend on the make and model of the lock.
  • Also graphite lubricant (optional).
open the 3-digit combination lockOpen the combined 3-digit padlock


  • The first thing to do is remove the lock from the door.
  • With the lock in our workspace, clean and with good lighting, we will proceed to remove the screws.
  • They usually have 4 or 2 screws in one of the covers.
  • When discovering the lock, we will have visible all the components that make it up, such as the latch, the hole for the square and the combined plates, the latter are the ones that interest us.
  • Using a screwdriver, we will proceed to remove each plate and place them on the workspace in an orderly manner, it is important to list them when removing, there are four plates combined, so as to mark them from 1 to 4.
how to open a combo lockHow to open a combo lock
  • When you remove them, the first will be number 1, then 2, 3 and 4 will appear, now comes the change of combination, for this, we will place the palettes in reverse order.
  • Pallet number 1, which was the first to come out, will now be the first to enter, and now it is the turn of the second, then the third pallet, and finally the 4th pallet that occupied the last space inside the lock.
  • The locking cover is installed, the screws are tightened and it is installed again on the door.

For open the lock the same key will be used, only it will be inserted in the opposite direction, with the opposite face to the one that would have been previously.

A simple and practical way to make a change of combinationalthough, if you want to make a complete change, you can take a lock that you don’t use and change the combination plates or simply take it to a locksmith to change the plates and make a new key.