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How to change my phone number on Tinder

actualizar numero de telefono en tinder

Undoubtedly, when the phone number is changed, this data must be updated in the various services in which the previous phone number was entered, such as Tinder. Well, this procedure of changing the number can be very annoying and confusing for some who use this dating application and for this reason, at RecursosPrá we want to present the following article: How to change my phone number on Tinder This will allow them – in a good way – to change or update their Tinder phone or mobile phone number and thus continue to use Tinder with the new number without any problems or inconveniences.

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How to change my phone number on Tinder | STEP 1: Enter Tinder [App –web]

First of all, you have to sign in to your Tinder account as they always did. That is, they will open the Tinder app on their phone and connect properly or they can do so from Tinder web options which you are going to enter with the connected Facebook account or with the respective phone number (the previous one).

tinder login

How to change my phone number on Tinder | STEP 2: Go to settings [App –web]

Once they have accessed their account, they should go to their profile and for this purpose, those who use their mobile phone will click on «the gray icon of the human figure«Which is in the top left and after that, they will reach their profile and then here, they will click on»settings icon”.

change the data in Tinder

On the other hand, those who use Tinder on their computer need to click on their profile picture, which is displayed on the top left, and when they do, they will appear in their profile section.

change my Tinder account details

How to change my phone number on Tinder | STEP 3: Change the number [App –web]

Following the previous action, the section of «settings«From their Tinder account and then here, they will click on their phone number which is displayed in the section called: ACCOUNT SETTINGS and when you do this, the section called: PHONE NUMBER and then here, click: Update my phone number

update your phone number on tinder

In the meantime, those who use Tinder on their PC will have to click on the phone number displayed in the section ACCOUNT SETTINGS from your profile section

add a new phone number to Tinder

A central window will open for both those who use the application and the web version, in which they must enter their new mobile phone number and after doing so, they will press or click on the button that says: «Keep going”.

how to change my phone number in Tinder

Note no: by the way, keep the message folder on your mobile phone somewhat empty so that this message from Tinder can reach you.

If things went well, they will receive – in a few moments – a text message to that phone number with a verification code which they must enter in the new window that appears to change the phone number of their Tinder account correctly. I mean all.