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How to change and install an SSD hard drive on a laptop or notebook

How to change and install an SSD hard drive on a laptop or notebook

If you want change and install an SSD hard drive on a laptop or laptop and you do not know how to do it, here we will explain the steps required to perform the procedure quickly and safely.

SSD technology has far exceeded the previous disk standard Mechanical HDD, so it is very common today to want to replace these old units with newer and faster ones. It is also an alternative to recover that old laptop we have in use, due to its low performance.

What is an SSD?

In short, an SSD is a new model of hard drive that it has no moving partsTherefore, it will not be affected by sudden movements, but on the other hand it is more sensitive to electrical fluctuations.

So, you need to be very careful when you connect your computer, it is in a proper socket and it works properly. SSD drives Today, they are used to replace old mechanical discs, due to the high refresh rates, they serve in many ways and in a better way.

When installing an SSD, we need to be clear that they they use different programs, so we will have to update the drivers of our equipment so that they install those of this new unit. This way we will not have problems of incompatibility.

How to install an SSD on a laptop?

On most laptops the procedure is the same, on the one hand you must have at least one flat screwdriver and one with grooves to remove the screws. First you need to turn the laptop so that the base is facing upwards, in the corners of the cover you will find several screws, as well as in the center.

replace the SSD hard drive on the laptop

Some laptops have multiple covers, you can try to remove them see which one has the HDD. In some laptop models there is only one cover, so to remove it you will first need to remove all the screws and then with the flat screwdriver gently open the sides. You can have a small lever, but be careful not to use too much force.

Once the cover is removed, you will see all the components of your laptop or, if applicable, your case. you just removed the hard drive cover, you will not see the hard disk drive anything else. In both cases, we must mention that the hard disk drive is fixed to the computer chassis with some screws. We have to remove them and then pull the disk very lightly by hand to remove it from the Sata connector.

Then we need to have the SSD and place it in the same position as the old disc, taking care not to damage the connectors. Then we can fix it with the same screws that the other one had. If the SSD does not bring how to adjust it, we can remove it from the HDD. In some laptop models, we can connect the HDD as a secondary disk.

Finally, after we have adjusted it, we will have to replace the cover and adjust it with the screws and the change will be ready. With this we can proceed to the installation of a clean operating system to make the most of the new SSD.

What is the use of installing an SSD on my laptop?

So-called solid state SSDs or disksThey were characterized from the start by the high speed they have to read and write data, so that using them on our laptop can give it a second life.

SSD hard drive to start the laptop

Compared to HDDs, speeds are abysmal, some SSDs have three times the speed of a high-end HDD, so even the lowest costs are a good investment, you don’t even have to spend 80 euros for these models. So, it is also an economical option, it is important to know how to buy them and not to get confused and buy a high speed HDD.

Another thing that can help us move to an SSD is to play the deliveries where the maps are very large and the disc has to load too many textures, because the loading time is very fast in these drives, the game will become a new experience.