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How to block and unlock someone on WhatsApp

Cómo bloquear y desbloquear a alguien en WhatsApp

Block someone on WhatsApp, sometimes it can be a solution to some problems. Because, for personal or security reasons, you may be required to stop communicating with a user. In other cases, if you want to temporarily enable this lock setting, you can unlock this contact whenever you think is necessary.

WhatsApp, as one of the most used messaging platforms, offers useful functions to support user privacy. By blocking a contact from your list, they will notice the difference immediately, but they will still not be able to establish communication with you in this way. If you want to use this lock feature, this tutorial is ideal for you. Continue reading and you will learn to how to block and unlock someone on whatsapp.

Block a contact from your list

When you no longer want to receive calls or messages from a contact in your list, you can automatically block any of these actions. Performing this procedure is extremely simple. By carefully following each of these steps listed below, you can do just that:

  1. Enter WhatsApp and tap the three-point menu icon.How To Block Someone On WhatsApp Step 1
  2. From the options menu, select «Settings».How to block someone on WhatsApp Step 2
  3. Once there, you have to choose the option «Invoice» and then press «Privacy».How To Block Someone On WhatsApp Step 3
  4. Find the option «Contacts blocked».How to block someone on WhatsApp Step 4
  5. Tap the add icon, and choose a contact from your listHow To Block Someone On WhatsApp Step 5
  6. When you choose the contact you want to block, it will be automatically added to the blocked contacts section.

Another alternative

There is another alternative to avoid receiving unwanted messages or notifications. Which consists of blocking a contact from the conversation window or chat. If you want to know how to do it, follow these steps:

  1. Enter the contact chat you want to block.
  2. Touch the options icon or the three dots. Then choose «Which add».Another alternative to block someone on WhatsApp Step 2
  3. From the options you see, select «To block».Another alternative to block someone on WhatsApp Step 3
  4. In the confirmation window, you can choose «To block» or «Block and report» as needed.Another alternative to block someone on WhatsApp Step 4

Block an unknown number

If you’ve received a message or maybe a call from someone who isn’t on your contact list, the avoidance solution is block the unknown number. By following these steps, you will learn how to apply it:

  1. Open the chat that corresponds to the unknown number.
  2. Then tap the More Options icon and choose «Which add».
  3. Select the option «To block».
  4. In the confirmation message, tap «To block».
  5. If the person has taken inappropriate action, you can select «Report and block».


Applying the blocking function in WhatsApp is one of the most effective ways to protect your account and identity. For this reason, you should know that there are some consequences of taking this action:

  • You will not be able to receive messages, calls, and status updates from the blocked contact.
  • Your profile information will not be visible, nor the connection specifications (last time or «Online»).
  • The blocked contact will not be able to see when you update your profile picture or status.
  • Once you’ve blocked a contact, you won’t be able to access their information.

Unlock the contact

If you found the blocking process easy, the path to unlock a contact on WhatsApp it is also very simple. If you want to resume communication with someone you’ve previously blocked, you need to follow a few steps similar to those mentioned above.

First, you need to choose the three dots at the top right of the screen. To select «Settings» > «Invoice» > «Privacy» > «Contacts blocked». Then click on the name of the person you want to unlock and choose the statement «Unlock (contact name)». This way, you’ll be able to communicate again and change messages and files in the app.

How to unlock someone on WhatsApp

Fast circuit

Another way to unblock contacts is by placing the person’s name in the application’s search engine. When displayed, press and hold the contact until the display window appears. «Contact blocked». Then click «To unlock».

Quick route to unlock someone on WhatsApp.

Now that you know how blocks and unlocks someone on WhatsApp, you can set limits for your communications and avoid unwanted messages. As you have noticed in this post, there are different alternatives to do this and the process for this is extremely simple. You have also seen the restrictions that will be imposed when performing this action and how to reverse it easily and quickly.