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How to be FAMOUS at TIK TOK

Be famous on TikTok It’s pretty simple if a person intends to be, because it’s a social network to share videos with the help of creativity. Therefore, it is a fairly simple tool to become popular in the cyber world.

To be famous on TikTok Different elements must be taken into account that, if they are done slowly, many people will come to know our profile. For this, the following recommendations must be taken into account.

Steps to being popular on TikTok

  1. Being hyperactive

tick is an application in which those who upload the most content and interact with other users are more likely to get more followers who share the content they upload to their accounts.

In fact, it has been shown in various accounts that those people who remain inactive and with an anonymous profile are not so appreciated and will quickly forget, unlike the active ones2

Two. Distribute quality content

To do this, we need to take into account the content that is trending, as well as those elements that we use to record. Ideally, use an external microphone, a tripod to prevent camera shake, and a good camera phone.

It should also be borne in mind that it can help create interesting content by reviewing the content shared by the most popular accounts on this platform; from there you can find inspiration to create your own videos.

3. Take care of your profile

As mentioned before, it is important to maintain an active profile that will attract the attention of several followers, so it is advisable to place a good profile photo, as well as to post complete information about us.

It is also important to optimize the information and content to 100%, as well as to take care of spelling, a username that is easy to search and find, tags that allow us to place our content among the main ones, among others. .

Four. Post often

Closely related to the previous tips, it’s important to always have a video to publish (and consistent with the previous ones) to attract more audience. However, it should also be noted that posting too often can tire our followers.

5. Interact

A way to attract followers and become known famous on TikTok is to meet with some of our followers; To do this, you can comment, chat and share content with other users, so that they are motivated to share ours.

6. Collaborate with other users

This is an effective way for both users to gain more audience, as it is to observe the content together with these popular users of the platform. With this, it is also possible to be friends with these users.

7. Experiment

As it is advisable to check the trends of this platform, it should be taken into account that each user can experiment by creating content, tags and more, to attract the attention of others and share. famous on TikTok.

How to be famous on tik tok pictures

Undoubtedly, content is essential to the image and brand you create in your TIK TOK profile.

An excellent piece of advice, without a doubt, is that ALL your publications are original, that they represent you. Remember that people follow you because they like YOU. They don’t respect fashion or «challenges», but they wait for you to do them.

So, it is important to be loyal to your audience, to listen to them. Before you have more followers, take care of the ones you already have.