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How to backup Samsung Galaxy A9 2018

How to backup Samsung Galaxy A9 2018

In today’s tutorial we will show you how to make a general backup from the entire contents of your smartphone Samsung Galaxy A9 2018 and then upload it to the cloud so that it can be recovered in a timely manner whenever needed.

Functions backup and restore are an indispensable activity to protect data, contacts, applications and other files on a device.

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That’s why it’s important to have an efficient and easy system at all times to back up your smartphone on a regular basis.

Samsung Galaxy A9 2018 backups, once obtained in principle, can be saved in the cloud, external storage, as well as in a local location.

Although it would undoubtedly be our favorite service for saving backups in the cloud Google because, apart from being free, it is also the safest and safest we can find.

It is a priority for these backups to be archived whenever possible in the cloudor, alternatively, MicroSD instead of the internal storage of the mobile device, because if we want to restore the backup, we will need to have access to the directory where we saved the files.

It is recommended that when you back up your device, it is always saved in the cloud, Micro SD memory card, computer, or other external storage.

There are several ways to make a full backup on an Android phone, the vast majority free and they range from applications to computer utilities, so in this post we will show you the best alternative to make these backups of Samsung Galaxy A9 2018.

How to create and restore backups on Samsung Galaxy A9 2018

The best advantage of backing up your device is that it allows us to save generated files directly to the cloud, so in addition to saving a lot more memory space, all backups will be stored in one place safer and more stable.

Therefore, making full backups on your Samsung Galaxy A9 2018 mobile phone to archive them in the cloud, regardless of your computer, is a much more successful option, the reason is obvious.

  • Cloud storage is as secure as your computer’s Micro SD or hard drive.
  • If the smartphone is formatted, the data stored in the cloud will remain secure.
  • Restoring backups to the cloud is usually much faster and easier.

Method to make full backups on Samsung Galaxy A9 2018

You must first activate the tool Smart backup for all for Samsung Galaxy A9 2018, which is free, easy to use and available on Google Play.

After installing that application, just start it and press Backup for the utility to find the best way to collect a full backup of your smartphone.

How to restore backups on Samsung Galaxy A9 2018?

Something as simple as writing the email of our Gdrive account to which we have associated automatic backups.

And so, from that moment you will have all the functions you can with create and restore backups in a very easy way of Samsung Galaxy A9 2018.

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