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How to backup on Samsung Galaxy Nexus

How to backup on Samsung Galaxy Nexus

In this new article we will show you the best way to generate a full backup of the content Samsung Galaxy Nexus and upload it to the cloud to save it correctly whenever we want.

Function of backup and restore It is a crucial activity to secure all those files, contacts, as well as applications and data on any smartphone.

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In this regard, it is very important to provide a suitable and practical mechanism to easily create backups on mobile devices.

All backups of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, once made, can be saved on the memory card, in the cloud and directly in its internal memory.

But without a doubt, the preferred service for cloud backups would be Google Drive Web Because, in addition to being free, it is also the safest and safest on the market.

It is essential that these backups are stored in the cloud Whenever we can or an SD card avoids doing this in the internal storage of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, because if we need to restore the backup, we need to have access to the directory where we stored these copies of safety.

It is recommended that when creating a backup copy of our device it is always stored in the cloud, a Micro SD card, computer or any other form of external storage.

Many techniques are known to create a comprehensive backup of Android smartphones, mostly free and range from applications to computer software, so we want to show you the best option to make these backups on your Samsung Galaxy Nexus.

The best way to backup Samsung Galaxy Nexus

A great benefit of backing up from the same mobile phone is that it makes it possible to record the resulting file directly in the cloud, so in addition to having more space for disk storage, backups will be saved in a safer place.

Therefore, creating backups on a Samsung Galaxy Nexus to store them directly in the cloud without the need for a computer is a much more convenient choice, and the reason is more than obvious.

  • Cloud storage becomes as secure as a computer’s Micro SD or hard drive.
  • If the mobile device is formatted, data saved in the cloud will always remain intact.
  • Rebuilding backups in the cloud is usually faster and more convenient.

How to easily create complete backups for Samsung Galaxy Nexus

The first thing you need to do is install the application Smart backup for all for Samsung Galaxy Nexus, a free utility available in the Play Store.

After installing that application, you simply need to launch it and then click Backup for the utility to automatically search for the best method make a full backup of your mobile phone.

How to restore backups on Samsung Galaxy Nexus?

Something as simple as writing the Gdrive account email in which I stored the backups.

It’s so simple, from that moment you will have at hand the necessary options with which you can easily create and restore backups on your Samsung Galaxy Nexus.

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