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How to backup on Coolpad Mega 3

How to backup on Coolpad Mega 3

In this new tutorial we will tell you the best way to back up all your content Coolpad Mega 3 and then automatically save it to the cloud to save it in a timely manner at any time.

Function backup and restore It is an extremely important operation for storing data, contacts, applications and Coolpad Mega 3 files.

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For this reason, it is extremely important to look for a suitable and comfortable alternative to regularly generate backups on our mobile phone.

All Coolpad Mega 3 backups, once made, can be saved either in a local location, on an external storage medium, or, for example, by cloud servers, Amazon Cloud Drive, Filecloud, OneDrive, Back up, etc.

But without a doubt, the preferred server to back up to the cloud would be The Google Drive team Because, in addition to being 100% free, it is also the safest and safest on the market.

It is important that backups are always saved in the cloud instead of the internal storage of the terminal, because if we want to restore the backup we will need to have access to the directory where we saved the files.

It is recommended that when creating backups on the terminal, they should always be copied to the cloud, a Micro SD, computer or any other external storage method.

Various methods are known to create a full backup to the Android terminal, mostly free, consisting of computer software applications, so in this post we will teach you the best choice to make these backups on your Coolpad Mega 3 mobile phone.

The best way to create backups in Coolpad Mega 3

A great advantage of backing up from a mobile phone is that it allows us to directly store files created in the cloud, therefore, in addition to enjoying more disk storage space, all backups will remain in one place. much safer.

Therefore, making full backups from the Coolpad Mega 3 terminal to store them automatically in the cloud without having to go through the computer, is undoubtedly a much more convenient solution, the reason is more than obvious.

  • Cloud storage is as secure as a MicroSD card or computer hard drive.
  • If we format the mobile phone, the files in the cloud will not be affected.
  • Updating backups in the cloud is usually much faster and easier.

How to easily create complete backups of Coolpad Mega 3

The first thing you need to do is install the application Smart backup for all for Coolpad Mega 3, which is free and available in the Google Play Store.

After installing the application, you will simply need to start it and then select it Backup for the tool to automatically search for the best method of collect a full backup for your terminal..

How to restore backups on Coolpad Mega 3?

Something as easy as writing the email of our Gdrive account in which we stored the automatic backups.

And that was it, from there you will have all the most important resources you can create and restore backups on the Coolpad Mega 3 in a very simple way.

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