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How to automatically reply to texts on iPhone | Simple Guide Communication has always played a very important role in …

How to automatically reply to texts on iPhone |  Simple Guide Communication has always played a very important role in ...

Communication has always played a very important role in the life of the human being, because in order for another person to understand it, it needs a common language. Today, mobile phones are an important part of people’s virtual connection. Undoubtedly, iPhones are a great way to socialize, connect, stay up to date with the latest news and, why not, have fun with fun apps.

Despite this, not everything is a game, there will be times when you will have to communicate immediately with the other person, fortunately, as in emails, iOS has a few options for auto-reply messaging which will make it easier to send a real-time response.

What are the benefits of automatic text response on iOS?

Sometimes he is very busy, and incoming messages cannot be answered, but there is an easy solution that helps this situation. In iOS you will find some options for the already prescribed text, which makes it easier to send a message without writing at the moment, just by activating the mode Do not bother, this option rejects the call and gives choosing the prescribed automatic answers or that the answers are personalized.

In addition, there is applications that can be installed to write messages which provides the exact time when they will be sent, to whom they will send, how many days, weeks, ie all these details can be scheduled at the convenience of the user. In other cases, you simply want to block or reject the call, as these are unknown numbers.

No distractions while driving

When driving, it’s difficult to answer a call, but if you don’t want to leave the caller unanswered, iOS has options to reject calls immediately the automatic messaging option is enabled, which can be edited to what you want to send at that moment and so the automatic message is sent without distractions.

Let it be known that we are busy

If you want to inform the person calling that you cannot answer at that time due to an occupation, all you have to do is write a text or choose an already prescribed one that justifies us and to know with respect that you are not able to give an answer at that moment and that, as soon as possible, he will call you back.

How can I set up automatic text response?

Autoresponder is quite useful when you receive a message and it is impossible to reply immediately. In order to create a custom text autoresponder, you need to follow the steps below.

Go to Settings

First, select the call option, there are three dots in the top right, then choose the option settings. A section called will appear Others and a list of options is displayed, including Reject message calls. In this option there are some prescribed answers that can be edited at will.

Select «do not disturb»

Call rejection activates automatic messages; when the function is selected Do not bother calls are blocked. You can manually configure this feature by clicking Do not bother and there is also an option that can be configured this way activate at a time set by the user.

Go to «Do Not Disturb While Driving»

When I take office Do not bother there is a subfunction that leads to Do not bother while driving, which contains a message already prescribed and you can change it if you wish.

phone using ios

Switch from «manual» to «automatic»

Most of the time you will need to perform the operations automatically. To make a change to the text, it must be in the manual, once the used text is saved, it will change it to automatic mode.

How do I customize my auto-reply message on my iPhone?

If you want to have a more personal message that expresses a part of your personality and not that coldness that characterizes the automatic answers of mobile phones, you can create it as you like in a very simple way following these steps.

Select «Auto Answer»

Go to settings, then in the box Do not bother you will find Auto Answer. Touch the message from Automatic answer and you will find the option to change the text.

Enter the text

After you click Automatic answer Now you can write the message to your liking, depending on the type Your preferred language, whether formal or informal.

How can you be selective about what messages you reply to automatically?

In the iPhone there is a way to select which messages will be sent, to which person or persons they are addressed and there are several options, such as: to anyone, recent numbers, favorites or all contacts. In the following steps you will learn how to select messages to reply to.

Go to «Auto reply to»

In the «Automatic replies» option, you will find already prescribed texts that you can select to justify the lack of time. It is also important to choose who you will give this answer to.

Select the desired option

Among the answers you’ve already set up, there’s definitely one you want select at the moment depending on the occasion, then you only need to choose it in the Auto Answer menu of.

man receiving the message