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How to add third-party cloud storage in Microsoft Teams

How to add third-party cloud storage in Microsoft Teams

Microsoft teams offers native integration with a growing number of third-party services, including cloud-based file storage, such as Box, Dropbox, Citrix ShareFile, and Google Drive. Connect existing storage to teams to start sharing and collaborating in just a few clicks.

By default, Teams gives you access to cloud storage through service OneDrive from Microsoft . To import all folders and files from Box, Dropbox, Citrix ShareFile or Google Drive, start by opening the Teams desktop application and navigating to the «Files» tab on the left. Click «Add cloud storage» at the bottom of the window.

Select the file storage service that you use and want to connect. If you do not currently have an account with one of these services, you can create a free personal account with Dropbox, Box, Citrix or Google.

A new window will appear. Enter your email address and password to log in. Follow the instructions to give your computers permission to access your files.

Once connected, you can immediately begin accessing and interacting with files stored in third-party cloud storage. You can double-click any file or folder to open it, or right-click to continue interacting with the file or folder. Updates you make to Teams will be automatically sent to your cloud storage service and vice versa.

You can always add more cloud storage from other services. Additional services and integrations are available from the «Applications» menu, which you can access by clicking the «Applications» icon in the lower left corner.

Using teams to collaborate on files stored by the third party service can make life easier for companies, especially those operating with freelancers or remote workers. It’s also the best way to make sure your company meets the needs of employees and customers, no matter what service they use to manage their files in the cloud.