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How to add Netflix to a Leapfrog Epic Tablet device for children to watch movies

How to add Netflix to a Leapfrog Epic Tablet device for children to watch movies

streaming platforms since they came on the market online, have been a revolutionary innovation for society of all ages, allowing us to spend time with family and friends, enjoy series, listen to music, watch movies or the best Netflix series, in the same way we can download them from our computer for greater comfort also platforms such as Disney + and Spotify, which were undoubtedly the most appreciated.

Today most users have technological devices that allow access to various visual content platforms, which make us spend our time in a positive way, which can generate great benefits for all of us. In the same way, it facilitates access to this content due to the cross-platform versatility it presents.

We can to have Netflix on any deviceHow to download the latest version on PCs, mobile phones, tablets and even Leapfrog devices for children, so in this article we will teach you how to do it so that the little ones in the house can enjoy the streaming service in the best possible way and even more so in these times of world pandemic.

How do I use Netflix and what are its main features?

We all want to use the most coveted platform by those who have already used it, and access to it is extremely simple and fast, first of all you have to locate us on the Netflix homepage, and create an account, doing this, they will ask us to fill in some information on the form and we have to choose one of the packages that Netflix has for us.

children's content catalog on netflix

Once you have done this, we will have the account ready, «start the session» and once we are inside it we will see in its main menu a «catalog» with a variety of content of all types and ages, organized into categories to improve the ease of search, if you want later it is possible to use the account on another deviceas long as it’s compatible with Netflix.

Among its main functions we consider to be able to create multiple profiles within the platformThey are personalized and avoid congestion when several people want to use the same account, each will have its own profile, if we want, with a maximum of five and also offers the profile of children.

As menu searches They are simple, we just have to go to the «search engine» and place the name of the movie, series or documentary we want to see at this time, immediately Netflix will do the search and if it is available, it will find it.

How do I add Netflix to a Leapfrog Epic Kid tablet?

The procedure is very simple and straightforward, if we want to offer the best to our children in terms of children’s content, then Netflix is ​​the best optionAs we know, to get Netflix on any other device, we can get the app on Google Play, but in the case of Leapfrog Epic, it does not work the same way, because these devices do not come with Google Play previously installed.

boy using the epic tablet

Here’s the question, so how do I install Netflix? The answer is very simple, in its entirety Leapfrog Epic devices, come with their own app store installed from their manufacture, offering various very authentic and interesting applications at the same time they are intended for children, therefore, we just need to enter the «app store» and the search engine indicated «Netflix «, Click» download «.

Then we wait for it to download automatically and therefore we can open it later, the application is downloaded as in any other device, so no need to worry, because it is installed, we can create a «child profile» as we mentioned above and voila, the job is done and we will have Netflix on Leapfrog Epic in a very immediate way.

Why would it be nice to add Netflix to Leapfrog Epic?

The children spend hours and hours behind a TV screen, watching channels of movies and comedies for children, which are simply not enough, because it is more the same and sometimes have content that is not suitable for children.

Here’s a good reason to allow it see the varied and totally suitable content for the little ones that Netflix offers restricts inappropriate content and only displays in its menu those movies or cartoons that you can watch, thus being a responsible platform.