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How to add and remove Disney + user profiles

How to turn off autoplay and background videos on Disney +

Disney + is a great streaming service to share with your loved ones, but sometimes you may need to remove certain people from your account. Here’s how to add and remove profiles from your Disney + account.

How to add a Disney + profile

After logging in to your Disney + account on computer, Android device, iPhone or iPad, select your profile photo. You’ll find your avatar in the upper right corner of your desktop and in the lower right corner of your mobile device.

Disney + homepage

Then select the «Edit profiles» button.

Disney + Edit profiles

Once you’ve reached the «Edit profiles» page, tap the «Add profile» button to set up a new user.

Disney + Add profile

The first thing to do is select a new one profile photo.

Disney + Choose icon

Once you’ve decided on your avatar, add the new user’s profile name and then select the «Save» button. Be sure to turn on the switch next to «Child Profile» if you want to limit the number of shows and movies your account has access to.

Disney + Add name

You will return to the «Who’s watching?» Section. screen.

Disney + Who's watching

Creating a new profile allows this new user to have their own watchlist. There will be recommended specialized content, as they will continue to use the service and will not interrupt what you see in your profile.

How to delete a Disney + profile

Deleting a profile from your Disney + account is as easy as adding a new one. Once in website or the mobile application a Disney +, you will need to select the profile in the upper right corner of the desktop and in the lower right corner of the application.

Disney + homepage

Once the menu or tab opens, click or tap the «Edit profiles» button.

Disney + Edit profiles

On the ‘Edit Profiles’ screen, select the ‘Edit’ button, represented by the pencil icon at the top of the account you want to delete.

Disney + Edit profile

At the bottom of the next page, select «Delete profile».

Disney + Delete profile

A confirmation box will appear. You will need to select «Delete» to permanently delete the profile.

Disney + Confirms profile deletion

This will take you back to the «Edit Profiles» screen. You can delete another profile or select «Done» in the upper right corner to return to the home screen.

Disney + profile edit page

The profile has been permanently deleted. You will be able to choose between the other profiles to continue watching.

You can add up to seven different profiles to your Disney + account so you can share your entire family’s fortune. Remember that anyone can also delete a Disney + account, so share access only with people you trust. Each profile has personalized recommendations and much more, which means that each profile will be personal to each person.