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How to add an invitation code in Kwai? 【STEP BY STEP】

How to add an invitation code in Kwai?  【STEP BY STEP】

Kwai has become one of the most downloaded social networks in recent months, and the ability to generate revenue through the app has allowed hundreds of people to use the app, as you can make money just by watching videos and also adding invitation code. Want to know how to add a Kwai invitation code?, here we will explain in detail step by step.

Put an invitation code on Kwai 2021

invitation codes are those that are provided to all users of this social network, and the main idea is to invite their friends to be part of the application and, if you add the code, get benefits, both who invites and the person who added.

You should know that being able to enter an invitation code only takes one time, so if you’ve already entered a code, you won’t be able to enter one again, so we recommend adding a code that has several benefits.

The best kwai invite codes These are the ones shared by users who have a verified account, these codes generate more revenue, benefits and opportunities within the app, although the other codes could be very helpful if you failed to get one.

Steps to add code in Kwai

Adding a code is fairly simple, so if you need to keep in mind that you need to enter a single code, if you have previously added a code, you will not be able to re-enter it, so we recommend that you complete this process with a that you are safe and know the benefits you will get, as well as the owner of the invitation code.

  1. Open the Kwai app
  2. Access your profile
  3. Click on «my account»
  4. Click «add invitation code»
  5. Write the invitation code and voila!

If you have already added a code, you should know that the benefits will be given to your account immediately, so that it will be reflected in your «wallet» or «purse» Kwai, you will receive coins that will be very helpful.