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How to add a default signature to an Outlook meeting request

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A strange oddity in Outlook is the inability to add a default signature to meeting requests. This is a quick and easy way to set up a one-click solution that avoids cutting and pasting every time you create an appointment.

I covered create, edit, and apply Outlook signatures earlier in detail, but they can only be applied to emails. If your employer asks you to add a signature or if you think it’s more professional to use one, then to submit a meeting request you need to copy and paste a signature or use Insert> Signature.

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<p style='background-color: white; box-sizing: inherit; color: #404040; font-family: Roboto, Both methods work, but you have to remember to use them and they are a little manual for our enjoyment. You can create a custom form in Outlook that creates a meeting request with a signature, but it takes more clicks to open a custom form than using Insert> Signature. As such, this is not an improvement.

Instead, we recommend that you create a quick step that opens a new meeting request with an already added signature. Not sure what a quick step is? I wrote a complete article on them to bring you up to date.

But as a short reminder, Quick Steps is a way to apply multiple actions with a single click. This feature is great for job automation and is very easy to set up and use.

You can find Quick Steps in the middle of the Outlook Home tab.

Home tab, with Quick Steps highlighted.

To add a new quick step, click the option «Create new» in the Quick Steps box.

Fast steps option "Create new".

This opens a new window in which you can name your Quick Step and choose the actions you want to perform.

Quick Steps editor, with fields "Name" Yes "Actions" Highlighted.

After clicking the drop-down menu «Choose an action», scroll down to the section «appointment» and click «New meeting».

option "New meeting".

Now click on the link «Show options».

Quick Steps link "Show options".

In the Text field, add the signature.

Text field for the new meeting request.

Now choose a shortcut key if you want one, and click «Complete».

Quick Steps field editor "Shortcut" and the button "Complete" Highlighted.

Done – Your quick step is complete. To open a new meeting request with your already added signature, click the quick step «New meeting» or use the hotkey of your choice.

New Quick Step option.

Your meeting request will open, with your signature already added.

A new meeting request with a signature already in force.