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How to activate and view an interactive 3D map of Google Maps on my mobile or computer

How to activate and view an interactive 3D map of Google Maps on my mobile or computer

Cartography as a science has made great strides over the centuries and many security elements depend on it, strategy and so many elements that we ignore, but maps are really a very useful element in everyday life and from an academic point of view, for this reason they are taken to other dimensions never thought of. Interactive maps are an unsustainable example of cartographic and technological progress.

It is now possible to have this tool at your fingertips in a few simple steps and you can activate and view an interactive 3D map of Google Maps from your mobile or PC. Either in its traditional version, or in the light and easy version of Google Maps Go, one of the most essential information, that of the location, can be accessed at your fingertips.

You may want to have the coordinates of a place or use the tool to add or label places, but the ability to take the geographic experience to new levels is something that can’t be ignored. View and activate a 3D map in Google Maps, it is an extremely useful tool.

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Activate and view an interactive 3D map of Google Maps on your mobile or PC

You may have a special place you want to see, out of sheer curiosity or interest, and access to it is such a high priority that pins or markers are placed on Google Maps, so you need to show a way especially to see the places we are talking about of course 3D interactive maps from Google Maps.

As expected, to see an interactive 3D map of Google Maps on your mobile or PC, it will be an option whose the process is extremely simple, because the special tools that Google develops add them to updates to its applications. Therefore, if the application is already updated, only a few steps need to be completed.

The first thing will be to get in there you can see how the interface looks on the map in a traditional wayBefore changing the interactive 3D version, it is recommended that the map be zoomed out until you have a wider view of an entire region, if possible, the change is better appreciated and becomes more interactive as you zoom in on the interactive 3D version.

On the right side of the interface, you can see an icon that varies depending on the version manipulated, in Android there is an icon that looks like a sheet on top of another, and in the desktop version Google Maps looks like the globe, the truth is that in both versions you have to a clip or click on it, this will give you the option to choose between two views or two display styles, these are the «dimensional«And that of»Street view«, With a three-dimensional view, the map can be viewed interactively in 3D.

Can you see an interactive 3D map in Google Maps in all views?

We need to make an important observation, namely Google Maps presents various display styles, which will reflect very precise and detailed information that meets the high criteria of quality and detail, which Google throws on all its products.

These display styles are the basic elements on which the general display of maps in Google works, it is satellite display and embossed display, and talk about them is necessary, because the interactive 3D view of maps can be confused with one of them or may seek to apply or be seen incorrectly.

Confusion arises between satellite viewing and the interactive viewing version of the 3D map, a product of the high image quality that both will represent, so the public associates that they are in practice the same, but it’s not like that.

Satellite viewing is literally a view of the earth in a vertical manner that is exercised in connection with the satellite which emanates the image for display in mobile applications, from which elements of great strategic and interactive interest to the user are taken.

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In turn, interactive 3D vision is a tool applied to standard map visualization, which allows you to have a closer and more detailed view of the spaceTherefore, the interactive 3D version only applies in standard view and not in satellite view and relief.