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How to activate a new Windows 11 startup animation

How to activate a new Windows 11 startup animation

Have you installed Windows 11 and want to give it a separate note? In TutoWin10 we already saw that you have the option to enlarge the taskbar and even put the start button on the left, but did you know that you can enable a new startup animation in Windows 11? Well, the truth is that, as with its predecessor, Microsoft’s latest operating system doesn’t have too many customization options, and today you’ll learn how to customize your boot logo quickly and easily.

What is the new Windows 11 startup animation?

The Windows 11 startup logo shows with an animation of approx white dots moving in a circle. Well, with this simple tutorial you can change it so that it is a continuous line flowing in a circle (without dots).

How to activate the new Windows 11 startup animations step by step 2021

The first step will be opening «Run» by pressing the following key combination:

Then in «Open» we wrote «Regedit.exe» (without the quotes) and we give «To accept».

disable Windows Defender Windows 10 step by step

Then in the registry editor we need to follow these steps:

  1. I entered «Computer HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE SYSTEM ControlSet001 Control».
  2. Once in the file «Control» We give the right mouse button.
  3. A new submenu will open in which we must select the section «New».
  4. Select the section that says «Key».

enable new animation in Windows 11.

  1. On «Key» we create a folder named BootControl.
  2. Then go into the folder and right click and click «New».
  3. select «DWORD value (32 bits)».

new startup animation for Windows 11.

Steps to activate the new animation when starting Windows 11 quickly and easily 2021

  1. We call this new value BootProgressAnimation.
  2. We double click and edit DWORD value (32 bits) in the valuable information we put «1».
  3. Let’s go to «To accept».

new animation when starting Windows 11.

How to bring the classic animation logo back to Windows 11 2021 quickly and easily

As simple as going the route «Computer HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE SYSTEM ControlSet001 Control » and delete the folder «BootControl».

If you have any questions about this tutorial, feel free to leave a comment, remember that you can share this information with your friends and family through your social networks. Thank you very much for all the support!