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How smartphone apps could save lives (and the economy)

How smartphone apps could save lives (and the economy)

By enabling daily self-diagnosis, contact tracking, and research, smartphone apps could be the key to quickly beating the coronavirus, but there’s a problem.

The economy was heading for recession. Business goes bankrupt. Employees are fired. Social activities are over. They are all hiding and waiting at home. Everything for the coronavirus, right?


The reason all this is happening is because of ignorance.

Specifically, we do not know who has COVID-19 and who does not. Because we don’t know, everyone has to stay home, wear a mask when they are out, avoid going to work and even avoid buying food at the store. Because people can transmit the disease even when they have no obvious symptoms, it is impossible to know who is contagious and who is not.

The vast majority of people do not have COVID-19, but they should be quarantined as if they had. Because we don’t know.