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How much money do you earn by creating APPS?

Cuánto dinero se gana creando APPS?

Before getting involved in the world of mobile application development, we recommend that you know a few numbers that can be generated with this activity. Can you make a living by creating apps for Android or iPhone? Can you pay for your expenses and hobbies without any problems? Can you buy a new car?

Some reputable sources have made estimates of the revenue that can be obtained from creating mobile applications. In short, they claim that you can earn for the moments when your application is downloaded, as well as for the generation of money that you integrate into it. In terms of money, it’s better to grow for iOS than for Android.

Make money with Android

How much do Google and Apple pay for APP downloads?

Once you’ve created your app, you’ll want to publish it to Google Play and the App Store to expose it to hundreds of millions of people around the world.

The idea is that you start receiving money for such an action, because, according to Forbes, these stores pay you for every download you make. In 2013, this was published in this important environment Google pays almost 2 cents for each download ($ 0.018) compared to the well over 10 cents ($ 0.10) that Apple pays, although at the end of this article I will reveal how true this is, verified by a current developer who is fortunately and a member of my immediate family.

The «invasive» strategy that could increase the money generated by your application by 4

The number of downloads of an application also varies from store to store. It is estimated that, on average, an app receives 60,000 downloads on Google Play, compared to 40,000 in the App Store. Since an average developer makes five mobile applications, multiplying all these values ​​we have an idea about the potential profit. $ 5,400 for Google Play development, vs. the $ 20,000 to be developed for iOS.

Revenue from generating money for your app

In addition to the revenue mentioned for downloads, we need to add the revenue from the APP money generation. That is, money received for embedded advertising (through systems such as AdMob) or possible in-app purchases.

An old Business Insider report estimates the amount of revenue from «advertising, mobile commerce and other taxes» embedded in a mobile application. For every 90 cents you earn on Android, an iOS developer earns $ 1. In terms of more practicality, the average developer earns $ 4,700 per month developing for Android, compared to $ 5,200 for an iOS creator.


Unfortunately, these numbers come from a few years ago and there is no reliable up-to-date information. Although some things haven’t changed since then (sharing resources for app purchases, for example), use these values ​​only to get an idea of ​​the revenue you could earn as a developer.

And since we offered it above, unfortunately, Google doesn’t pay for free app downloads. The exercise timer application of my brother with about two thousand downloads, did not receive or receives such income. The only income from this application comes from the advertising placed in the free version, as well as the cost of the paid version. I can’t say anything about Apple, but I suspect the situation must be similar.

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