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How much does it cost to change a lock

cuanto cuesta cambiar la cerradura

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If you want to know how much the locksmiths charge to change a padlock here we offer you all the details. Here you will learn how to calculate exactly how much it costs to remove a lock from an air door.

How do you know how much it costs to change a lock?

The first thing to keep in mind is that there are thousands of cases in the locksmith trade. Therefore, from the beginning, it is difficult to talk about prices and budgets when the characteristics of the special case to be addressed are not known in detail.

Therefore, below we share a list of approximate prices that locksmiths charge for the service Change a lock, so you get an idea of ​​how much you need to invest.

how much it costs to change the lockHow much does it cost to change the lock

You need to keep in mind that these are the fees that professional locksmiths charge for changing the lock. normal conditions.

Later we will give you some information that will help you know the exchange price of a lock, plate or cylinder according to needs / situation.

How much does it cost to change a home lock?

The cost of change a The exterior lock of a house is about 150 euros if labor and replacement of parts are included.

But this is the price when it comes to:

  • A conventional door, either of metal or of wood.
  • The lock is simple.
how much it costs to change a lock at homeHow much does it cost to change a housing lock cylinder

The service does not require additional intervention by the locksmith.

That is: it is a lock that has been broken down by elements, use, the passage of time.

The cost may increase if, in addition to the change, it is necessary to repair other elements of the door.

For example, something that often happens when locks need to be changed because they have been changed is that other components need to be repaired.

how much it costs to change the house lockHow much does it cost to change a lock at home

Which involves more work, time and materials.

It also happens that, in some cases, it is only necessary to change the cylinder, which can be done in a few minutes.

How much does it cost to change a car lock

The cost of changing an average lock under normal conditions (no rush, on weekdays to weekdays) varies from 90 – 200 euros.

How much does it cost to change an armored lock

Armored doors are more complex than conventional doors because they are doors with multiple anchors which requires more time and effort.

how much it costs to change the lock of an armored doorHow much does it cost to change the lock of an armored door

If we talk about changing the lock of an armored door with several anchors, the cost of the service can vary between 250 and 300 euros.

What you should know about the cost of changing a lock

Sometimes homeowners, offices or shops, ie customers, do not know based on what the locksmith calculates the budget.

Therefore, in this section we share some aspects that you should consider and you can get a clearer idea of ​​how much it costs to change a lock.

how much it costs to change the car lockHow much does it cost to change the car lock

The location influences the costs of locksmith services

This is common sense, locksmith services tend to be more expensive in larger cities. To give:

  • Madrid,
  • Barcelona,
  • Valencia,
  • Seville,
  • Malaga,
  • Murcia.

They have the highest average cost of locksmith service.

The price is also influenced by transport and transfer.

how much it costs to change an armored lockHow much does it cost to change an armored lock

You should also know that living in a remote city, away from big cities, does not guarantee that the cost of changing the lock will be cheaper. In fact, changing a lock in a small town could be more expensive even than in one of the big cities, especially if the locksmith has to move and the move is long.

The time and day may vary by the price of a lock change

When asked about the cost of a lock change service, we sometimes joke that it is a matter of time.

The joke aside is true.

A locksmith service will never be the same (either changing the lock, opening a locked door, etc.) performed between 8:00 and 17:00 than a service required between 18:00 and 17:00 pm 7:00 hours.

Which brings us to the next point that also influences the cost of changing a lock: the day of the week is required.

change the armored door lockReplace the armored door lock

You need to be sure that the cost of changing the lock will be higher if you need it on weekends or holidays.

If you add to the fact that you need a lock change at dawn on an important holiday: Christmas or New Year’s Eve, you can start preparing to pay more for changing the door lock.

But this is not the only factor that can change the cost of locking the lock, let’s see the following:


Imagine your scenario:

It’s the weekend, it’s almost 18:00 and you go for a walk with your family, you receive a message from a neighbor who saw that your door is open and all the lights are off.

The well-meaning neighbor did not see your car and no sign of you in the house (his house also called) and may think that:

  1. You left the doors open.
  2. Someone else he left the doors open.
the prices of security locks for doors

You rush back and, in fact, find your door lock broken. You check your house and, after seeing how things are inside, in addition to the call of the authorities, you are ready call a locksmith:

You need him to come as soon as possible: you can’t let your family spend the night with the portal door open.

It’s not just bad luck, do you know what these cases are called?


And yes, a locksmith who is nearby, if you do not live in such a secluded place, you can come in just a few minutes, but of course changing the lock will be more expensive.

To consider when hiring a lock change

The prices of changing a lock that we indicate here are indicative. You must always consider all conditions that influence the cost of the service.

If you want to change your lock as cheaply as possible and save a few euros, you need to:

  • You have the replacement lock on hand, so you only pay for labor.
  • Contact the locksmith in advance.