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How much does it cost to call 902 or special rate numbers

How much does it cost to call 902 or special rate numbers

Call 902 or special rates (901, 900 …) is something that involves a higher expenditure of money than other national calls to numbers of people or companies. Especially when calls are made from your mobile phone, the price is higher than for calls from a landline. If you want to know the price of making calls to these numbers, don’t miss all the updated information.

The cost of making calls to premium rate numbers

First of all, it should be noted that the exact price for making calls to 902 numbers or special rates will depend on the operator from which you make it. However, you can get a rough idea of ​​how much money it can cost with this little guide.

900 and 800 numbers

In case of numbers starting with 900 or 800 the cost of calls is free for the person making them. The only person who has to pay for this service is the person receiving the call. In general, these are customer service numbers of companies with which certain services are contracted, such as electricity, water, internet …

Numbers 901

When you make a call to a 901, the user who makes it will pay only part of that call, so the price will be similar to when we make a local call. The person receiving the call from a 901 will bear the other part of the cost.

These numbers are common in phones coming from the Public Administration, and the price will be much higher if it is made from a mobile phone.

For example, if your regular operator is Movistar, the price of a 901 call on a landline phone will be 0.28 cents and on a mobile phone will be 1.88 euros, taking into account that it takes 5 minutes.

Numbers 902

cost 902 It is probably one of the largest of all special rate numbers, as it is a numbering in which the user making the call pays the full amount of the call. 902 is mainly used in customer support services, which, although they have a toll-free number (900), use this numbering.

Assuming that your operator is Movistar, the price to call a 902 from a landline will be 0.56 cents and from a mobile phone will be 2.82 euros, taking into account that it takes 5 minutes.

Numbers 803, 806, 807, 905

Numbering from 803, 806, 807 and 905 is used to request services during a call. Usually, each of them belongs to specific services. To give:

  • 803: Adult services
  • 806: Games, tarot, entertainment …
  • 807: Consulting or insurance company, professional, medical or equivalent service companies
  • 905: Telephoto

Curiously, to know how much it will cost to call one of these numbers, you only have to look at the fourth digit of the phone. If it is greater than 6, users must have contracted an authorization with your telephone service to bear this additional cost, which will be very high for both a landline and a mobile phone.

Numbers 118

numbers 118 There are those phones that offer a phone number search service when, for example, we can’t find it through Google. However, the cost of accessing this service can be very expensive.

When we call 118 to request information about a phone number, the service gives you what is known as «call progression«. This means that from the same call to 118 you will be able to communicate with the requested number, however the cost of that call will be the one charged by a 118 number.

The new law requires the user to be informed about these rates, so that he knows what the price will be paid, so that it is not charged until the customer has heard the information. In addition, the call duration will be a maximum of 10 minutes.

Now that you know how expensive or not a call to 902 or any of those that belong to the special rate can be, you should be careful not to get an unpleasant surprise on your bill when you check your phone consumption. However, because each number may charge a different rate, it’s important to contact your phone company, either restrict calls to these types of numbers, or know the exact cost of making them.