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How is the mobile screen recorded?


There are times when we need to register our mobile screen. Why? Well, for several reasons, either to teach someone how an app works, or simply because we want to make a gameplay for YouTube.

The reasons are many, which is why recording our phone screen is presented as a perfect solution for all these things. You’re probably wondering if you need to make root or other changes to do this, and what we’re going to tell you is that no, you will not have to go through this process.

Record on-screen video on Android

In recent years, companies have seen the importance of on-screen recordings and have begun to introduce this type of feature natively. He did so much Google with Android as Apple with iOS as we will see in the next section of the guide.

As for Android, it is not a feature available as a base, but rather manufacturers must enable it on their devices And not all brands are open to doing so, at least for now.

It is important that before moving on to installing a third party application Find out if your mobile phone allows you to record the screen natively or notbecause this can save you a lot of work.

1. How to record a video with your mobile phone with YouTube Gaming

I said before that one of The main objectives of video capture are to create gameplay, because now it’s fashionable and it’s something that entertains us and can help us succeed in our youtuber career (good luck!).

Due to this fact, we started to recommend this application also available on iOS (so we will not mention it later so as not to repeat ourselves). Its function focuses on screen recordings when we play, so it is not very flexible in this regard, but it is very comfortable if what interests us is the games and we quickly publish the videos on YouTube.

There is an alternative to this application in the form another application called Game Screen Recorder, but it’s not as effective, so you can leave it for extremely urgent situations where, for some reason, YouTube Gaming doesn’t work well for you.

2. How to capture a video on your Android screen with Mobizen

Its creators claim that their community already consists of 90 million people who use Mobizen to record the screen. Maybe the numbers are a bit exaggerated, but it’s true that they are usually at the top of the recommendations, so it will be for something.

It’s free, but the operation has some inconsistencies that will make the recordings on the screen take longer to engage than necessary for any It is perfect and without watermark.

But if you’re wondering if you can get a good free 1080p video without watermark, at 60 fps and with direct storage on microSD, we say yes, you can. More, combines with Facecam so that we can record and put ourselves in combination with the video, which gives youtuber more versatility.

3. How to make a screen recording with AZ Screen Recorder

The great advantage of this application is that has positioned itself as a market leader and is used by large companies in a contrasting way (come on, it’s not something its creators invented when they say it).

Media companies and journalistic media like CNET or Yahoo News have used and recommended it and that is worth a lot when it comes to making us understand that it is worth it. Its creators define it as «The best application to record the screen» And this is already difficult to contrast, but it is necessary to attest to its quality. It has no advertising, no watermark and has a simplified operation, so that anyone can make recordings.

Supports qHD and FullHD video output, but differs from many other applications that also offer this service in that it provides a good system without a break and closes the jumps.

The idea of ​​the creators of this tool is that their application is as versatile as some of the most advanced programs available on PCs. That’s why a good editor is offered, which captures sound directly from the microphone for quality and superior quality a good system for optimizing results.

How to record the screen on iPhone

And we come to the Apple smartphone, the one that makes users tremble when it comes to seeing if it offers certain features. But nothing to worry about, because for more updates iOS itself gives us the ability to record the screen.

Totally clean, free, no problems, no downloads, without anything, the mobile offers this function in a built-in way and we do not have to complicate ourselves. What do you want to know how to do? Well, it’s so easy:

  1. Enter Settings, we go to the Control Center always welcome and offer Customization controls.
  2. There we will have to add with the symbol + option to Record screen.
  3. Now we will send the function to the menu and all you have to do is pull out the bottom menu of the tool which opens by sliding your finger up at the bottom of the screen. In that menu you will see that there are many icons, such as the one for activating the flashlight that you will surely be used on several occasions. Just below the flashlight is the icon you will need to tap screen recording begins. When you do, you will see a 3 second counter, which will be the time required to start.
  4. Before you start recording what you can do is hold down the button. When you do this, a small menu will appear in which you are informed about the screenshot and where you can choose whether you want the microphone to be turned on or off. Will be very useful if you want to record tutorials or make gameplay.

record the iPhone screen

Of course, there are several iOS apps that offer the same feature, but the native iOS tool works at such a good level that we can’t think of reasons to recommend any of them (especially since theoretically we tested the improvements and they all have flaws or shortcomings).