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How do I turn off call forwarding?


The call forwarding feature on your mobile phone is one of the best for us when we go on vacation or at certain times of the year.

But after we have activated it and finished, for example, those days when we relaxed, what we want is turn it off so that everything returns to normal. What should we do in this type of situation?

How to turn off call forwarding on Android

The simple way to do this on an Android phone is going back to the steps I took to activate it. As you probably don’t remember, we refresh it:

  1. Must open the mobile calls menu and search for the three-line icon to access call settings.
  2. Now you need to access the section «Call Forwarding». If you do not see the Call Forwarding option in the menu in question, we recommend that you click «More settings«Because it is surely hidden in him.
  3. Where before it put «Activation» now it will put «cancellationSo you just have to choose that option and this setting will be disabled.

divert calls from your mobile phone to your mobile phone

What happens if the option to turn off call forwarding doesn’t show up like that? What you will have to do is opt for the second method:

  1. I went into diary and in it we mark a specific code: *#twenty-one#
  2. Then press the call button.
  3. We wait a little and we’ll see the message telling us that call forwarding has been completely disconnected, both for voice and data and fax mode.

In addition, your call forwarding service may be operated by an operator and have other disconnection systems, but by no means is it a problem beyond what I have already mentioned.

How to turn off call forwarding on iPhone

There is no mystery for iPhone users how to turn off call forwarding mode, because it’s always done by going back and forth in terms of what I did in activation. In other words, what you need to do is:

  1. Access the menu settings and locate the «Phone”.
  2. We access the «Call forwarding”.
  3. Instead of clicking activate, what we will do is yes disabled, which being connected will be the only option that will be provided to us.

redirect iPhone calls

What if we can’t turn off call forwarding for some reason? This can happen and these are cases where the service is subject management by the operator. Don’t be alarmed, because the solution is very simple.

All you have to do is call the operator and explains that, although you previously activated the service, you are no longer interested in having it and want to cancel it. The operator will take care of the management and if you want to reactivate it in the future, you will have no problem doing it.