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How do I open a lock if the key is inside?

How do I open a lock if the key is inside?

How do I open a lock if the key is inside?

It ever happened to me. I have a European profile lock installed on the door, of which operate on the basis of screws and against screws; which are opened with flat wrenches or clamp teeth.

On a certain occasionwhile my wife visits her parents’ house, when I left I closed the door and then I remembered that one of the key sets, my wife’s, I was locked on the other side of the lock.

Picture of mcmurryjulie from Pixabay

As a locksmith I know the situation perfectly. I know how to solve the problem; It’s not from the other world. Right now, all he had to do was pray that the key on the other side of the door was left straight.

I take the key ring out of my pocket, I’m looking for the key that matches the lock, I insert it into the keyhole and I try to open. Unfortunately the lock will not move; the key is not in the position we were expecting.

How to open the lock if the key is inside

Now I had to think the best way to open the lock without causing damage that they forced me to change it. Fortunately, the tools for this were at hand.

If it ever happens to youI will continue to explain step by step some ways to open a lock if the key is inside; although from my heart I tell you, I hope he never sees himself in this situation.

  1. Push the key to the other side with a spring-loaded steel wire.

The first thing in what I thought it was to use a spring-loaded steel wire and insert it through the keyhole try to press the key; I remembered that I had not been able to open it with the key I had in my pocket.

When the key on the other side is tilted, it is impossible to push it much less take it out of the lock; the position of the screws and the opposite screws prevents it from being removed from the cylinder channel.

So I had to think of another resource which you could use to open the lock without causing damage. Fortunately, there are many more.

  1. Use opening cards with plastic latch.

Just like carrying a credit card, it is possible to carry with us, in the car’s glovebox or in a handbag, an opening card with a plastic latch with which we can get out of a possible problem.

Virtually weightless, there are different thicknesses, measured in millimeters: from 0.25, 0.35 and 0.50; Made of special plastic, the latch opening cards fully serve their purpose.

Very quiet, clean and fast, These books allows the opening of doors that have not been fixed and which have a beveled profile slide, which are the easiest to access.

A set of 6 pieces (3 x 0.35 and 3 x 0.50 mm) and another of 9 pieces (3 cards of each size of 0.25, 0.35 and 0.5 mm) can be obtained, which can be handled with a handle designed for this type of book.

handle, in black or white, makes work easier; what is it now, provides protection to our hands by avoiding injury from the edges of the opening cards.

For installation of the opening card on the handlewe just need to have a drill office standard:

  • We make two holes in the card.

  • We place the book between the two shells of the handle.

  • Screw on the two housings with two screws and their locking nuts.

Now all you have to do is use the card, for which we follow these simple steps:

  1. We push the door a little and some distance, above the latch, we insert the opening card between the frame and the door with light up and down movements.

  2. When we inserted it, with the same movements, trying to keep it as vertical as possible, we slip it at the bottom at the location of the latch.

  3. Still moving the card, we place it horizontally on the latch and push hard, until he is taken out of the room or attacker.

The greatest utility of plastic cards is demonstrated in these situations where the workspace is very small such as the use of drops or other opening tools.

In addition to the plastic latch opening cards, the market offers a set of tools that can be manipulated in a similar way and be used in situations where the door has been closed without a lock.

They are part of it group oftools of the technique known as Lock Picking, with which the professional locksmith performs clean and efficient jobs in a very short time.

These can be mentioned among these tools, although they are not the only ones:

  • spiral latch opener.

  • the door latch slider.

  • locks.

  • door latch lever.

If of speed, efficiency and cleanliness is, nothing better than a percussion pistol for safety diseases.

  1. Hit and open: hitting technique.

To open a lock we can use the striking technique, consisting of enter a key specially designed for the lock we want to force, Hit the head of this key firmly and voila.

Even if there’s a key inside, perform the operation of opening a lock with this method easy even more with a percussion pistol for safety diseases.

There are no major complications in using this tool:

  • The corresponding percussion key is selected and is inserted into the pistol head.

  • The impact wrench is inserted into the cylinder of the lock.

  • The trigger of the pistol is fired as many times as necessary; Even if the opening takes place in very few seconds.

What happens is that firing key,when you hit, position all screws on the cylinder cutting line, with what the opening of the lock is practically automatic.