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How do I know if it is blocking or censoring the internet and social media?

Cómo saber si te están bloqueando o censurando el Internet y redes sociales?

The creators of the popular anonymous digital browser are also behind the OONI software that allows detection if an internet connection is censored, monitored or modified by your ISP. This program is currently available for Raspberry Pi, Mac OS X, Linux computers and yes, there is also a version for Android and iOS, called OONIprobe.

How do I know if the internet or social media is blocking me?

Basically, the OONIprobe application finds out if access to websites has been blocked or areas that the government may consider sensitive to its interests. For example, news sites, communication sites such as Facebook or WhatsApp, about some ideologies or religions, pornography, etc. Obviously, it doesn’t check all websites, so if you suspect that a webpage isn’t opening because it’s blocked or censored, you can test that particular page with this app.

ooni probe check the status of the internet connection ooni probe 7

The creators say that this software can also detect traffic surveillance or manipulation systems. You can even evaluate if systems such as TOR, proxies or VPNs are «accessible».

ooni probe check the status of the internet connection ooni probe 8 ooni probe check the status of the internet connection ooni probe 9

If any domain or website is censored, the application suggests entering the page through its HTTPS version using a browser. The other suggestion is to use the TOR browser to access the blocked resource, as «false alarms» are frequently generated on certain web pages. This can happen, among other things, because the application can only query the HTTP version of the site. If you manually enter the site in question via its secure HTTPS version, it can be checked for blocking.

ooni probe check the status of the internet connection ooni probe 10 ooni probe check internet connection status ooni probe blocked site ooni probe check the internet connection status ooni probe lock

In addition to the above, OONIprobe may also evaluate technical condition of the Internet connection. Specifically, parameters such as speed and ping.

The only observation to note is that using the app, especially in countries with high control, could cause it legal or extra-legal issues. There have been no reports of any such cases, but the developers recommend consulting the country’s laws or consulting with a lawyer in this regard.

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