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How do I know if I’m in Veraz

How do I know if I'm in Veraz

Report Sincere It is a report that details both the business history and the credit history of a person or a company. It is a service that operates exclusively in Argentina and is accessed by companies and users when applicants want to apply for a loan, because acceptance or not will depend on Veraz data. If you want to know how to verify your data in Veraz, you need to follow a procedure that you will find in detail below.

What information can you find in the True Report?

The true report provides personal information about users and companies, but what kind of data can be viewed ?:

  • Commercial data
  • Means of payment data
  • Personal data regarding the requested credits

All this information is provided by various organizations, such as the courts, the Central Bank and the Official Gazette. The data provided is used to assess the payment history of the requesting person or company, as well as any debts that may exist, payments made …

How can I verify that they appear in the Truth?

There are currently three ways to check whether or not it appears in the True Report.

Check out Veraz online

Through Central Bank of the Argentine Republic (BCRA) with COOKED or Fiscal identification key. By entering this data, you will be able to access the report and all the data about your current situation.

Real phone consultation

Another option for access the True Report It’s through a telephone consultation. To do this, you must call (011) 5352-4800, Monday to Friday, between 9:00 and 18:00. When the call is answered, an announcement will appear asking for the name of the holder, if it is a natural person or a company.

Other information is also required, such as a card number, birthday and other types of random data. The intention of requesting this data is to verify the true identity of the applicant.

Upon validation of the identity, the applicant will receive a number that will allow you to access the requested information. This code will give you access to the official page of Veraz from where you can consult all the information.

Truthful in-person consultation

Third How to consult VerazIf you live in the country, it is to do it yourself. To do this, just go to one of the branches and use «The right of access»This will allow you to get all the data. In order to be able to do this investigation, you only need to go to the office with an identity document.

What situations may arise in the True Report?

When you view the True Report, you’ll be able to see if there are a number of situations, especially six, that match your current condition. The situations that arise are the following:

  • Situation 1 – Normal: the person has no financial problems, pays his obligations on time and / or has no arrears of more than 31 days
  • Situation 2 – Potential risk: the client was able to fulfill his commitments. However, situations may arise that would seriously compromise future ability to pay. The person has arrears of payments between 31 and 90 days sporadically
  • Situation 3 – Troubled: the person has certain problems to pay his debts. Failure to comply with these issues could result in the loss of the bank or financial institution. The client has debts that exceed 90 to 180 days.
  • Situation 4 – High risk of insolvency: it is very unlikely that the customer will not be able to fully meet his financial obligations. The default value exceeds 180 days.
  • Situation 5 – Irrecoverable or Irrecoverable: Any new debt incurred by these customers is considered incorrect debt. Debts exceed 360 days and are customers who have been referred to collection management or the judiciary to try to collect debts.

If you access True online reporte, you can conveniently print the document from your computer. This way you will know, in an updated way, your status as a loan applicant and the possibility of granting them.

Did you know …

It should be borne in mind that there is a restriction on consulting the True Report. This means that a person or entity has the right to make a consultation every six months, in accordance with the provisions of the Personal Data Protection Act or Habeas Data 25.326.

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