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How do I enable my USB port connection if it doesn’t work or gives an error

How do I enable my USB port connection if it doesn't work or gives an error

If you were wondering how activates the connection to the USB port? If it does not work or gives an error when connecting a device, here we will explain what you can do to solve this problem and that you can connect any peripheral to the computer.

The technology USB has come to revolutionize the computer world, which has long been looking for a worldwide standard connector to avoid incompatibility issues in electronic equipment. USB technology has also come a long way over the years, so the difference between USB 2.0 and 3.0 is abysmal in speed.

The first way to activate the connection to the USB port

One reason it may be USB connection disabled in any of your computer’s ports is that it has a problem with the drivers that control it, so you should always check that they are up to date and enabled.

To do this we must stop at the icon Start menu and right click, a list of several options will appear, where we have to look for one that says «devices» and click on it. Then we will load a window in which we will have all the devices installed, from video to audio.

If we look closely, we will find designed to control USB ports. If we right-click on it, we may notice that there is an option to check for driver updates. In the same way, we will receive the option to deactivate and activate.

activates my USB port connection

If, on the other hand, it is enabled, then we can try to check for updates, this can also help us if we have USB running slow.

The second method of activating the connection to the USB port

Another reason you may have problems with a USB port is the poor connection of a USB extension, as they are designed to extend or carry difficult places USB connectionThey do this through a cable that connects to one of the ports. But if they are misused or have a weak connection, the port may appear to be faulty.

Another reason why USB ports can be affected is because a virus that disables the driver of them, so it is important to be careful what memories we put on our computer, because these viruses are usually difficult to remove. If you have an antivirus program, you can perform a scan to exclude this option.

USB ports, being exposed to the environment, tend to fill with dirt, which can obstruct the entrance of the cable to which we are connected, so you can clean them periodically, using compressed air.

Last but not least, the USB port may have been burned out or physically damaged, if so, you will not be able to connect any devices and you will need to use a «Hub» to expand another port. This usually happens when we try to extract electricity from the USB port and it is not done correctly.

The third method of activating the connection to the USB port

As a last resort, we can try restarting our computer, as this can help us if the problem was a controller, it reload and any errors are removed.

my USB port is not working gives error

The correct way to do this is the following, we must first send to stop the equipment. Once it is switched off, we must completely disconnect it from the electricity, so that there is no way for electricity to enter it, in case of use a laptop, we also need to remove the battery.

Then we have to press the button with which we start about 10 seconds, this will cause the internal components to discharge and can get clean and fresh energy. This can also help us in cases where they are overloaded or have static.

Once we have completed this, we can reconnect everything and start our equipment, if everything went well, you should have no problems when use any of your USB ports.