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How can I quickly download and install Psiphon on my Windows computer

How can I quickly download and install Psiphon on my Windows computer

If you were wondering How do to download and install Psiphon on my computer?Here you can learn how to do it very quickly and easily, you need to be connected to an internet network and have your computer at hand, in addition to updating the Ethernet drivers, so that the use of the program is more efficient.

Psiphon is a very useful program designed to avoid all those restrictions we encounter when using the internet, this can help us if we connect to a network of universities or colleges, which has certain restrictions when browsing. It can also be a barrier for an attacker, one of those who tries to steal your personal data.

How do to download Psiphon to my Windows computer?

The process of downloading the program is simple and will depend on the speed of your internet how long it takes to download, first we need to open your favorite browser, we can use any. Then I write Psiphon search bar and press the Enter button on our keyboard.

When we do it and if we are connected to the internet, the search will start, this is fast. With this, a page with the same program name should appear in the first option, This is the main page. When we click, we will notice that it loads an interface that the program presents to us as it is dedicated.

download psiphon installation on Windows PC

If we look at the top, we will see a box for downloads, we need to click on it. With this, we will load a list in which we can choose the version of Psiphon that we want to download. In this case, how we use Windows operating system, we will have to check the option that has that specification.

It doesn’t matter if you have Windows 7, 8 or 10, this version is compatible with all 3, so by clicking on that box you will start downloading Psiphon on our computer.

How do I install Psiphon on my Windows computer?

Once download our program, we will have to look for it in the folder where it was downloaded, they are usually saved in the downloads folder. To access it we can open the Start menu and click on downloads.

When we locate the program, we will have to right click and open as administrator with it the program will start unnecessarily to install it directly on your computer. Every time we start the computer we will have to open it, so it is advisable to drag it to the desktop to always keep it in mind.

If you don’t know how to move it to your desktop, just right-click and then check the cut option. With this you just have to go to the office and right click again, but this time mark the paste.

This program works exclusively with the internet, so it is essential you have a good connection you can check the speed of your internet at any time using a free program.

How do I start using Psiphon on my Windows computer?

When we already have the program on our computer and want to use it, just double click on the icon we have on the desktop, a window will open with all the utilities of the program. If we realize, we will receive a drop-down menu in which we can select the country we want to connect to.

install psiphon on my computer fast vpn

This part is the most important part of the program because its use is based on connecting to an address from another country to evade blockades, but you should know that the farther the country you want to connect to, the slower the speed, so it’s a point to consider. You can also always improve your internet speed if you use Windows 10 so that you can connect to the desired server.

All that’s left is to connect to your favorite country, open the drop-down menu you’ll see in the bottom center, and the brand you want to connect to. With this you will receive a notification informing you that the connection is established.

When you finish connecting, a green message will appear confirming you as well you can now use the serviceAll you have to do is open your browser again and try to access a site that was previously blocked.