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How can I download VLC Media Player completely Spanish? – Latest version When playing a video we have to use a platform …

How can I download VLC Media Player completely Spanish?  - Latest version When playing a video we have to use a platform ...

When playing a video, we must use a platform that allows us to perform this process, the best known and most useful in this regard VLC Media Player. This is a player available for any format and for different operating systems. Also for mobile platforms, where you can update it to the latest version.

Because this player is a great option for any device, it is necessary to download it if we don’t have it. Therefore, below we will show you the correct way to download its latest version.

Depending on the characteristics of our computer, we will have to download one or another version of VLC depending on its architecture. In addition, it may also be the case that you have little storage space and need a portable version of the program. For each case we have a solution for you.

First of all, we need to know what kind of architecture our computer has. For this you will have to open start and then point the mouse to the «team» box. Then we will have to right click and click on properties.

Doing this will open a window with our system information, here we can check what type of system we have.

If I need it in 32 bits

If our system is 32-bit, we will need to install a version of VLC which fits that.

Fortunately, if you search for the program on the official website, it will give you the 32-bit version, because it automatically scans and detects your system.

If you are looking for the program on a third party website, you will need to do so mark that option to 32 bits. In case of a wrong download, an error will appear simply to notify you.

If my car is 64 bits

Similarly, if your device has a 64-bit architecture, you will need to select the respective version of the program. However, if you accidentally choose the 32-bit version, it will install. This is because if your device has 64 bits installed, it can open 32-bit programs, but this is not the case.

I don’t have portable space

If you have a little space, but still want to use VLC, it’s best to download a portable version of it. These versions generally bring the same content as the normally installed one, however the data is compressed, which reduces the space a bit.

Keep in mind that not all websites are reliable, and portable versions are more prone to viruses. For this reason, it is best to download the program from official page or trusted pages. To prevent any threat, you need to have a legal and free antivirus.

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What requirements does my PC need to be able to download the latest version of VLC?

To have and use this player, you do not really need to have special system requirements. for any computer can have it, regardless of whether you have a fairly old processor, because it is possible to use it without inconvenience. The only problem is when you watch a video with 4K resolution, you will need to have better but basic hardware. This is a great option to use when you can’t play or watch videos on the internet.

What are the most common web pages for downloading VLC?

When downloading any program, you need to be sure of the best pages in order to make the process legal and fair. Leaving us have the best result and that there are no issues or alerts at the time of download. Among the best pages we can use are:

From Softonic

This is a recognized company, where we can download any type of program completely free. To use it, just enter your browser and type in the Softonic search engine in order to enter its official page. In it, look for VLC Media Player, where you can read the full description to finally click the «Download» button. In order for the download to be done quickly, you need to increase the speed of your computer.

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Using Videolan .org

It should be noted that is an organization responsible for software development, which allows us to play videos or any type of multimedia format. Becoming the best option to get VLC Media Player. To get it, just enter it using your favorite browser. Where you will select the one for your device to start downloading.

This tool is very useful to be able to see endless files, in which it gives us a wide variety of views regardless of the type of document. It also helps us view corrupt files, allowing us to see the readable part of it. Among the main functions we can apply are:

To listen to music

VLC Media Player is the best option to listen to our music. If we have a music list which we have just downloaded or transferred to our computer, this tool is the best option to do so. Because with two clicks, the program will open and you will start listening to your favorite songs.

With this it is also possible listen to the podcast without having to enter our browser. To do this, we just need to have the podcast URL, then enter it in the podcast option found in the player application.

It is also possible broadcast where in the internet section of the application you can find the list of radio services. Where you can tap your favorite to start listening to it.

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To watch videos / movies

Another very useful option is to view videos, being one of the most used in this application. Because it allows us to watch any type of video or movie, mainly if we download a video or movie we can reproduce it directly from the VLC Media Player. Also, if we make a video, we can see it with it.

It is also possible to play a video directly from YouTube with excellent quality. To do this, all you need to do is have the video URL, then go to the app and open the network location where you’ll paste the URL and start playing it.

If I want to watch TV channels

On the other hand, you can also watch TV channels. This option is very little known, but can be used comfortably. To do this, all you have to do is enter the URL of the channel you want to watch, then go to the player and the «Medium» option that appears at the top. Click where it says «Open network location» and in the new window that opens, type the URL of the channel. Finally, just press play and wait for it to load.