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How can I create or create my own online digital signature with the best programs

How can I create or create my own online digital signature with the best programs

Nowadays, various innovations have appeared on many general topics, but in this case we are talking about digital or digitized signatures, which undoubtedly represented a major technological advance that allowed users and developers of large companies to achieve greater comfort and security while ensuring the integrity of multiple digital documents in society.

This generates a greater benefit for all, as previously it was only possible in the documents presented on paper, which facilitates digital signature thus having the same legal equivalence, but in a more sophisticated and innovative way.

Its mechanism is based on its application use cryptographic methods for a document, so that your authentication is valid at any time we wish to present it to any service of any kind that we use.

How does the digital signature work?

In this process there are three types of features that are part of the same digital signature system, which are algorithms themselves: first, the «signature», which is the main thing we need to consider, in general not too complex signatures are used and with keys.

Sing a document

Secondly, we have the «verification», which obviously its objective is based on the verification of the authenticity of the message or document that we provide, in front of any public or, otherwise, private body. And also the keys that go hand in hand or are related to a math area, providing public keys and in the same private way.

It should be noted that these digital signatures focus on authentic evidence and thus prevent misunderstandings, such as companies or individuals denying that they have signed some documents, with this type of signature that does not happen because when presenting the message or document, go through the previous processes in order to be clarified.

How do I create my digital signature online? What are the best programs to do it?

It is important to know digital signature creation method, and it is very simple, we can even create them in PDF, but among the best programs to create it we have Docsketch, its use is very simple.

All you have to do is enter its homepage in the search engine, either Google Chrome in its latest version or any other, and the best thing is that its use is completely free, once inside, we will find the option to «create a digital signature», we press there.

create a digital signature

Then we will be moved to two options, which are the first: «write signature» and you have to add the signature name we want typing it with the keyboard in a pop-up window that will appear, then we can choose between different and multiple fonts, in the same way we can customize it with colors and more.

The second option is «draw a signature», in this section we offer the tool to use a touch panel to draw our signature, either from a mobile phone or tablet, so that we can identify the font of the image letter and we install fonts on our Windows computer, we can too way to customize it for free,

We also have Free online program » Smallpdf »To create a signature, just go to the main page and click on «create signature», we create it as we want, it gives us the options of fonts, colors and sizes, it also gives us some ideas that we can be help us create our own and voila! We click on «finish» and we will have our own signature.

Why should I implement the digital signature?

The reasons are many, because it gives us great benefits, such as facilitating our business processes, and in this way we can they generally prevent counterfeiting signature, which often happens on important documents or messages.

Also, after the verification process, if the signature is false, it will give an alarm signal and therefore we will know that it is not valid, it gives us totally authentic documents and from good sources that have been studied previously, this method is wide used due to its great development and reliability, so if you haven’t tried it, you should try sign in a safer way.