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Hedge to beat the summer heat

Hedge to beat the summer heat

Take one hedge is a great strategy to combat high summer temperatures. This highly functional and decorative element provides immediate and economical efficient thermal regulation.

A hedge It is practically a vegetal barrier that delimits a space, either as a perimeter or as a decorative element for the exterior of the house. On the other hand, it offers sound insulation and provides privacy in a natural way.

In rural areas or on weekend stays, fences are a traditional way of delimiting the property, while in cities this type of enclosure is less seen and in its place are placed pots, vertical gardens or simply dividing. Marked by partitions full of vines.

Green fence and temperature regulation

The effectiveness of a plant fence in regulating temperature is due to the fact that plants condense ambient moisture in the leaves, for example in the case of vines growing on a wall, it transmits this moisture to the supporting and cool surface, which translates into colder environments.

In parallel, the leaves of the plants act as an umbrella, preventing the sun’s rays from reaching the wall and therefore heating the house.

It should be noted that before placing a vine, it is crucial to install a cover, if necessary, because it improves the thermal insulation and prevents possible damage that could be caused to the plant.

Another way to plant hedges It is through pots that surround the house, especially in the part that receives the most amount of sun per day. It is important to take into account that air circulation is not blocked, if the wind inlet is the sunniest part, the plants should be lowered.

The ideal plants for a hedge

Plants such as:

  • Melaleuca
  • Texan oil
  • Laurel flower
  • Yellow jasmine
  • Buxus

The options are very varied, these are just a few examples, because the choice depends on the desired characteristics of the fence, such as height, style, flowering, among others.

Ideally, hedge plants should be able to withstand direct sunlight, but remain healthy in partial shade. It is ideal to consult with specialists about the varieties of plants that can be obtained and which are optimal for this purpose, in each area of ​​residence, so as to ensure their permanence and functionality.

Source: Point Deco

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