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Guide: New Call in Mexico 【Interior】 2021

Guide: New Call in Mexico 【Interior】 2021

Everything you need to know about the new phone call in Mexico that comes into force on August 3, 2020. Now it will be easier and faster to call all your loved ones. Prefixes 01, 044, 045 and 1 of the telephone call in Mexico disappear. We will explain all the details of the new way to dial 10 digits in the country.

Dialing changes in Mexico

Starting with August 3, 2019, it will be more practical and easier to make a phone call in Mexico. new dial approves the way of calling from the country to 10-digit phone number whether it is a mobile or landline number.

Each 10-digit national number is unique, so no phone calls are repeated in Mexico.

Federal Institute of Telecommunications (IFT) ordered the change of numbering starting with November 2017, and in May 2018, this change was published in Official Journal of the Federation (DOF).

This will be the new brand in Mexico

These are the most important aspects about new way of marking in Mexico:

  • Give up 01 to call numbers inside the republic
  • Give up 044 and 045 to Call Mobile Phones
  • Removing the prefix 01 to dial 01 800 phones
  • Dialing with a total of 10 digits
  • Calling abroad or long international distances does NOT change

How is a mobile phone formed?

When calling cell numbers, 044 and 045 are deleted, prefixes that I always called before the 10 digits of the mobile phone number.

It doesn’t matter if we call from a cell phone or landline, prefixes 044 and 045 will no longer be required.

What is a 01 800 called?

01,800 phones are also undergoing these changes. As of August 3, to call 01,800 anywhere in Mexico, will remove the prefix 01 and again, there will be a 10-digit phone number.

Does it cost to change the call?

changing the call has no cost For users. On the contrary, it is one of the benefits obtained from elimination of long-distance tariffs in Mexico in force since 2015.

From that date, offers from suppliers with free calls in the Mexican Republic and with the new dialing mode it will be easier to call.

When does the new call take effect?

The new marking enters into force on 3 August all over Mexico.

However, the IFT considered an adjustment period of one year for the population to get acquainted with and get used to the new ways of appealing.

How to mark the United States?

long distance international calling It will have no changes, as the new dialing applies only to cellular and landline numbers in Mexico.

What is the name of Mexico abroad?

If you are away from home and need it call Mexico from abroad, you need to know the long distance access code of the country you are in:

Access code + Mexico code + 10 digits of the number you want to call (mobile phone or landline). E.g, 00 + 52 + 10 digits national number.

How to dial emergency numbers?

In case of emergency phones there is no change and the calling process remains as usual. Namely, 066 or 911.

We hope you find the information useful