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Gravity Screen automatically activates and deactivates the mobile phone screen

gravity screen on off sensor bolsillo

The number of times I have to turn on and off the screen of my mobile phone by pressing the power button is countless. I say stop, because leaving the screen on unnecessarily will generate a not so negligible battery discharge. From the use of that button so much, it is not surprising that it gets damaged over the years.

Gravity Screen On Off is probably the best Android application that exists to control the on and off of the mobile phone screen without touching any button. It is extremely useful, because the application alone turns off the screen when you no longer use or leave the phone lying down or when you put it in your pocket. In the same way, it automatically lights up on the screen when you pick up your mobile phone to do something.

gravitational screen on the sensor table off

In short, it is an application that can activate and deactivate the mobile phone screen automatically and intelligently, depending on what it does or does not do. As it happens? Use your phone’s proximity and gravity sensors (accelerometer) to detect if your cell phone is upside down (in your pocket), face down, or face up (resting on a table, for example) or even moving, and turns the screen on or off depending on each situation.

gravitational screen settings

Gravity screen settings.

How to use Gravity Screen

The application is in Spanish and is full of parameters that can be varied and activated. All are clearly explained (if you have any questions, put them in the comments). You don’t have to read, activate or change the parameters if you don’t want to, because the Gravity Screen comes preconfigured to work almost well in the most common positions where the mobile phone is.

the gravity screen is off turn off the screen

The important thing to use is to activate it as «Android Device Manager» at startup. This is usually done in Settings> Security> Device Manager, but the app provides a button to go directly there and activate the box corresponding to the «Gravitational Screen». To uninstall the application, you must first uncheck that box or use the uninstall option available in the application.

In addition, you need to check if the activation button at the top of the application says «On». When the application is active, the application icon appears and remains in the status bar (apparently it is not possible to remove this icon).

Additional data

This app slightly increases battery consumption. It could consume about 7% depending on the developer (I assume this is the minimum value). The default settings should be consumer friendly. Variation of some of them (for example, telling you to turn off the screen when the mobile phone is facing up) can further increase this consumption.

On the other hand, the PRO or Premium version of Gravity Screen says it has better performance, the option to exclude the operation in certain applications, suspend the application when the mobile phone is in landscape mode, among others. However, when you try the free version of the Play Store, the option to exclude apps worked smoothly.

One of the most common reasons why this application and other similar applications do not work well is that the system’s battery saving has not been disabled for it. For example, if the application stops working after a while, when the screen has turned off and the application does not start automatically when you pick up the phone, etc. This can happen on any device, including Xiaomi, Huawei or Samsung. To disable battery saving of this app, you have detailed instructions on the English web


This application automatically turns on the mobile phone screen when I take it from the table to do something, stops it when I put it there again, when I put it in my pocket, among other situations. Sometimes it will make you a little dizzy, but overall it works pretty well. Unfortunately, it does not help control the screen lock.

More information from the developer: XDA-Developers

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