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Gotham Knights Leaks: Release date, characters and anything else you should know

Gotham Knights Leaks: Release date, characters and anything else you should know

WB Games Montréal announced the upcoming Batman game, Gotham Knights, at DC FanDome 2020. Previously, WB Games Montréal worked on Batman Arkham Origins, which players and critics loved alike. So it’s understandable why DC fans are excited about the release of Gotham Knights.

After watching the Gotham Knights trailer, it’s easy to realize that a lot is happening in Gotham. There are several playable characters in the game, along with a group of familiar DC villains. In short, there are several things you should learn about Gotham Knights before it is THROW this the next video game of 2021 . So in this article, we will gather all the information we have collected about the Knights of Gotham. Then let’s get started.

Gotham Knights release date

There is no official release date for Gotham Knights yet. However, the cooperative title WB Games Montréal will be launched in 2021.

Also, according to recent rumors, Gotham Knights could launch in July 2021. These speculations appeared on the internet after the posting of Gotham Knights for Christmas 2020 on Twitter. The post shows a Flying Greysons circus event that takes place in mid-July. That’s why some DC gamers believe that through this post, WB Games Montréal alludes to a possible launch date in July for Gotham Knights.


«Gotham Knights» from WB Games Montreal will be released for PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X / S, PS4 and PS5. Therefore, current and next generation console users will be able to experience the game.

Gotham Knights character

Gotham Knights character

Like in batman arkham games , Gotham Knights will have more DC characters. However, as of now, we only know a few characters that we will see in Gotham Knights; Here is the complete list:

  1. Night Wing – Dick Greyson (confirmed)
  2. Batgirl – Barbara Gordon (confirmed)
  3. Red Hood – Jason Todd (confirmed)
  4. Robin – Tim Drake (confirmed)
  5. Poison Ivy (rumor has it)
  6. Mr. Freeze (confirmed)
  7. Alfred Pennyworth (confirmed)
  8. Renee Maria Montoya – Police Captain (confirmed)
  9. Court of Owls Group (rumors)
  10. Joker

Gotham Knights Story: The game takes place in Arkhamverse?

No, it is confirmed that Gotham Knights is not connected to the Batman Arkham series. Despite the similarity between Batman: Arkham Knight and the story of Gotham Knights, the two games do not fall into the same universe.

Speaking of history, the events of the Gotham Knights are set after Batman’s death. So to continue Bruce Wayne’s legacy and save Gotham, Night Wing, Batgirl, Red Hood and Robin join the team. Interestingly, the Gotham Knights story will be completely original, which means that Gotham Knights will not recreate existing DC comic stories.


According to Gotham Knights previews, there will be at least four playable characters in the game. So it makes sense to include cooperation options for up to four players. However, from now on, it is confirmed that the cooperative feature will be limited to only two players.

If you play the game online, the other player can join the session without affecting the story. However, if you don’t feel like playing with your friend, you can only play him offline.

Is Gotham Knights an open world?

Yes, Gotham Knights is an open world game in which players can interact with Gotham City in their own way. In addition, the new Batman game features the RPG element. So, as in other RPGs, the player’s choices will be reflected in the history of the Gotham Knights.

Is Gotham Knights pre-order available?

Fortunately, Gotham Knights pre-order is available at some online video game stores. However, there is no booking option on the official Gotham Knights website. You can also sign up to receive all Gotham Knights updates by registering on the site. Web official game .

This is; This is all the information we have now about Gotham Knights. Of course, we’ll get more updates on the new Batman game as we move forward in 2021. So we’ll update the article accordingly to bring you the latest update on Gotham Knights.