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Google X has launched a cyber security startup with a difference

Google X has launched a cyber security startup with a difference

Google X, the Alphabet incubator that created the company’s version of driverless cars, drones and Project Loon , you have a new start on the list. A little more prosaic than its past initiatives, Chronicle still has the power to make a big difference in the world, while the company tries to revolutionize the world of cybersecurity.

Chronicle, which appears just behind Chrome in an alphabetical list of Alphabet properties, is divided into two parts: the first is cybersecurity information and analysis, which examines the security data of large companies for threats. The second is VirusTotal, a malware information service that Google bought in 2012, but according to Stephen Gillett, CEO of the new company, this part will continue to work as it has for the past six years.

«Thousands of potential signs of piracy are being overlooked or thrown away every day», Gillett wrote in a Medium post announcing the launch of the Chronicle . The chronicle would increase this lack of human eyes, and a preview version has already been released at several Fortune 500 companies, the post explains. Using the same «fast, powerful and highly scalable infrastructure that fuels a variety of other Alphabet initiatives,» Gillett says the Chronicle should be able to help employees locate suspicious threats in minutes, rather than hours or days. moment. «logo_chronică

In addition, Google’s own storage should be useful for analyzing long-term attack patterns generated by multiple sources over several years, Gillett added. Gillett acknowledges that machine learning and the Google search experience should create an attractive cybersecurity package. «We hope that by making this combination of technologies available to more companies at affordable prices, we can give the ‘good guys’ a head start and help us all turn the tide against cybercrime.»

It is not clear what these affordable prices are at the moment, but it should be enough to make existing cyber security solutions a little cumbersome. When the financial muscle of the Alphabet invades its turf, it is unlikely to do so to prepare for the future reorganization. However, with Gillett’s admission, the ambitious plan will take a long time to take shape. «We know this mission will take years, but we are committed to doing it,» he wrote.

«None of us should be content with the fact that cybercrime is a reality or a reactive and costly existence of cleaning and damage control. We look forward to working with many organizations in the years to come to take advantage. «