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Google What is and how does Google Smart Lock work on Android and how to disable it?

Google What is and how does Google Smart Lock work on Android and how to disable it?

Android phone security is always a concern for all users, as we always want our phones to be out of sight of curious and unwanted people who can access our information. There are some tricks to improve the security of our devices and to avoid hacker and virus attacks that can damage your phone or endanger your personal data.

We must also keep in mind that when our phone is unlocked, other people can access our phone and everything on it, the preferred security method of many users is to lock models.

from Android 5 Lollipop thinking of the comfort of users and not to compromise their security, a new Smart Lock option has been added.

What is Smart Lock?

Often, entering your password or unlock pattern at any time can be tiring, especially if you are in a a safe place where we have no danger that someone we don’t trust is accessing the phone or if we have it in our pocket or use it.

Smart Lock is an option that allows you to set up and add your phone certain exceptions so that our phone does not lock and make our lives easier. The options offered are the following:

  • Trusted places: The phone will remain unlocked as long as you are in a trusted place that the application has preconfigured, for example at home or another place that you want to set up.
  • Reliable devices: the phone will remain unlocked as long as it is connected via Bluetooth to a device of your choice, it can be, for example, a smart watch or the car sound system.
  • Detection of the human body or detection of transport: This option is more than interesting, because once you unlock the phone, it will remain unlocked as long as you have it in your hand or pocket and will lock when you place it on the table or other surface. perfect because it won’t tell if it’s you or someone else and if someone grabs it while it’s unlocked, they can use it without it being locked again.
  • Voice Match: This option allows you to use your phone’s voice commands, even if it’s locked, for example, you can use Google Voice Assistant and all of its options. This option can be useful when driving and you need to use your phone with voice commands.
  • There are versions that offer the option of Voice and face trust. The first one gives you the option to unlock your phone using your voice, but if we’re in a situation where we can’t talk or, on the contrary, you’re in a noisy place, you won’t be able to unlock it. The trusted face option gives you the option to unlock your phone with your face, however, it is not reliable because it is easy to break using a photo for example.

We already know what Smart Lock is and what it offers us now to see how we can activate on our Android device.

How to enable or disable Smart Lock on your Android phone

The first thing you should do if we don’t have it is set a screen lock method, whether it’s Model, PIN, or Password, the Drag option won’t work for you. To turn them on, you need to open Phone Settings, then go to Security and then Lock screen.

After setting a lock method, return to the security options and choose the option Trusted agents and turn on Smart Lock (Google)You can also disable it here if you don’t want to use it.

smart lock active phone

With Smart Lock enabled, return to Security, but this time select the Smart Lock option and there choose the unlock option that suits your needs and desires..

And so simple you can activate Smart Lock and you don’t have to unlock your phone from time to time, we shouldn’t confuse this with the other option of Smart Lock, which is to manage passwords.