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Google promises to support Chrome on Windows 7 by July 2021

Google promises to support Chrome on Windows 7 by July 2021

Although Microsoft’s support for the outdated operating system ends this week, Google plans to update its popular browser for Windows 7 by July 2021.

Google promises to support Chrome on Windows 7 for at least the next 18 months.

«We will continue to provide full Chrome support for Windows 7 for at least 18 months from the end of Microsoft’s life until at least July 15, 2021,» Max Christoff, director of the Chrome Engineer, wrote last week in a blog post. of the post company. .

Christoff has advocated post-retirement assistance as an advantage for companies, which in recent years have designated Chrome as the main browser for their employees. He highlighted the management tools offered by Google, as well as Chrome’s synchronization capabilities. «If you haven’t started migrating to Windows 10 yet, or even if your organization is in the middle of migrating, you can still benefit from Chrome’s business capabilities,» said Christoff.

This accent was not a surprise. This week will mark not only the end of support for Windows 7 (Tuesday, January 14), but also the public debut of the refurbished Microsoft Edge (Wednesday, January 15). Microsoft, which built the new Edge with the same Google Chromium technologies that power Chrome, presented the browser as the most suitable for companies, based on Microsoft’s long history of administrative skill.

On Monday, it was unclear how Microsoft would support its new Chromium-based Edge in Windows 7. Historically, Microsoft stopped providing browser updates when the base operating system became unsupported. However, the Edge in Windows 7, like the Edge in Windows 10, will be updated using mechanisms independent of the operating system. Microsoft could continue to support its new Edge later this week on all Windows 7 computers, not just organizations that have paid for Extended Support Updates (ESUs).

Google’s commitment to support Chrome on Windows 7 for «at least 18 months» is reminiscent of its browser support on Windows XP. Months before the withdrawal of that operating system in April 2014, Google told users that it will be compatible with Chrome at least until next April.

Google came to support Chrome on XP for two years after the expiration of the latter or until April 2016.