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Google Photos Stop backing up Google Photos this way Google Photos is a service for saving images, photos, and …

Google Photos Stop backing up Google Photos this way Google Photos is a service for saving images, photos, and ...

Google Photos is a service for saving our images, photos and videos in the cloud, with a capacity of 15 GB, for free accounts. It’s common for backups to be created automatically, and we don’t want this to happen, we may also risk completing our account, and then we need to perform a method of clearing or cleaning your Google Photos account.

Then, in addition to deleting files, you can transfer files from Google Photos to your mobile gallery, but it’s not recommended, it’s best disable backups and for this enter «Google Photos» and in the top 3 lines will be displayed a menu of options, from which you must select «Settings», then «Backup and sync», you will notice a blue switch, turn it off to change its color the gray.

Once you’ve done that, you’ll be able to enjoy your Google Photos account without those automatic backupsYou can now make these backups whenever you allow them.

Google Photos sync across all devices

How do I permanently deactivate my Google Photo account?

Even if you delete the app from your device, your Google Photo account will still be active, so you need to delete your account before uninstalling the application, for this:

  • Enter «Google Account».
  • Then, in the menu on the left, click «Data and personalization».
  • In the interface «Download the data, delete it or make a planThere is a «Delete a service or your account» option.
  • When you enter here, you will notice all the services of your Google account, of course, that of «Google Photos».
  • You will notice a trash can icon, delete the service you choose, press it, and confirm, your Google Photos account is permanently disabled.

how do I deactivate my Google photo account

How do I control who can see my photos in Google Photos?

Only a person with your username and password can see your photos, otherwise you can share them with the people you want, for this:

  1. Sign in to your Google Photo account.
  2. Click on your profile photo, in the options that are displayed is that of «I’m sharing with a friend”.
  3. Here you can write the Gmail email of the person you want to share photos with, write the email, and tap the next one.
  4. Then choose what you want to share if «All your photos» or «Photos with certain people”.
  5. Then continue sending the invitation.

To successfully complete the photo sharing process the other user must accept the notification sent, otherwise it will not be possible this time Photos.

Why does Google keep backups and sync?

Google performs the backup and sync service so you can always keep all personal data. That is, you can have a backup even if you lose your device or simply replace it with another.

It is very useful for everyone. For example, when we need to transfer contacts from one mobile phone or another, we just need to export the contacts to your Google account and you’re done, you can sync them with any device you get, this is a great benefit offered by Google.

If you’re wondering if Google is making a profit, the answer is «Yes,» Google analyzes our behavior with its services, whether it’s our searches or downloads, and shows us the most relevant information for the sole purpose of assisting in the supply and demand of products and services.

sync a Google Photos account across multiple devices

How can I prevent photos from being automatically saved in the cloud?

Without having to delete your Google Photos account, you can make them not automatically save in the cloud, enter the application and click on your profile picture, then where it says «Photo Settings», in the first option «Backup and sync» uncheck the appropriate box and you’re done.

I want to delete all the photos in my account, how do I do it?

  • Log in to your account.
  • Select the photo you want to delete.
  • Hold down the photo for a few seconds, you will notice that a trash can icon is activated at the top.
  • Click on it and tap «Move to Trash».

Your photo will be deleted in 60 days, obviously you can delete all the photos, select them all if you want. It is important to know that this photo will be sent to the trash, but will not be deleted immediatelyIf you want to delete it permanently, go to «Library», located on the main screen of the application in the lower area, there you will find access to it.

  • Locate your photo.
  • Hold it down and then you’ll see the «delete it permanently» option

It will be removed immediately. That is, without waiting for the corresponding 60 days.

user deletes photos from their Google Account

How do I delete photos from Google Photos but not from my mobile phone?

This process is a bit complicated because you have to put Google Photo content in a separate folder, to delete it without affecting the mobile gallery, Then:

  1. Create a folder with the desired name in the internal memory of the device.
  2. Then move the photos you want to delete from your account to the folder you created.
  3. Later, when you sync photos in your gallery with this folder, they’ll only appear on your mobile now These will not appear in your Google Photo account.

To better understand the process is just move photos to folder, they are not deleted from the mobile, they will only change places. This means that instead of being in Google Photos now, they will only be in your gallery.

Is it possible to disconnect my Google Account and not have an account on my mobile phone?

The answer is yes, although you should be aware that when you disconnect your Google Account from your mobile phone, your emails, contacts and calendars will be deleted and any information you have had about this service will no longer be there.

So to sign out of your Google Account, just open your phone settings and go to ‘Accounts’, then click’Users and accountsIf you have multiple accounts, they will be displayed, otherwise you will only see your only account, click on it and tap ‘Delete account’.

If you want to delete the only account without leaving more, then the same system will ask you for one confirmation key or a specific security model which you added.