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Google Photos How do I use Google Photos Editor correctly? – Google Photos Google has great tools that have become indispensable …

Google Photos How do I use Google Photos Editor correctly?  - Google Photos Google has great tools that have become indispensable ...

Google has wonderful tools that have become indispensable for all its users; These include Google Photos, which is a gallery application that lets users back up and edit photos and videos.

If you are one of the people who like to keep the most beautiful memories of your life over time through photos and videos; this article will interest you.

Where can I find the Google Video Editor?

Long ago, the Google Photos video editor was extremely simple and straightforward, as only the platform allowed users to make a few adjustments. Currently, the users of the platform mentioned above they can fully edit their videos, from the way they look, cut them out to add filters that let them suit your tastes.

use Google Photos on your computer and mobile

To find the Google video editor you need to open the Google Photos app from your Android phone or tablet and even through the web, once you enter the app, you need to sign in to your Google account. when you open it, you will be ready to start editing the desired video.

How good is the Google Photos editor?

Google Photos Editor allows you to organize and create content associated with Google Photos. Through this platform you can edit images individually and easily, because there are different filters, corrections of light, color, shadows, clarity and details, even image rotation functions.

Plus Google Photo Editor can make corrections automatically, resulting in the so-called «Stylized Images».

It offers the possibility of create movies using templates, so that Google Photos can browse through your files, choosing the ones you think are best and appropriate for the theme you chose earlier and editing them, adding transitions and even background music. After the procedure, you can edit the result, removing or adding plans and changing its duration.

Google Photo Backup

Regarding animations, you can choose from 2 to 50 images and thus create an animated GIF. When you upload a video to Google Photos, the same platform detects interesting and curious movements, automatically creating GIFs.

Other major known and popular features offered by Google Publisher are collages. They can be created between two or nine photos, even the platform can make you a random montage, created automatically by the same image editor.

All of the above confirms and improves the efficient and effective operation of Google Photos Editor, so it is considered one of the most popular and used in the user community.

How to use Google Editor correctly?

Using Google Editor means immersing yourself in a fantastic experience, as it has endless features that will help you both store your photos and videos and create creative patterns from your most precious memories; you can store them in your Google Account and download the files to your mobile gallery whenever you want.

Here are some features you can find on this platform that will help you use Google Editor correctly.

google photo gallery

Crop a photo

  1. Using your computer, open
  2. After accessing the web page indicated in the previous step, find the photo you want to edit.
  3. Then, at the top of the screen, click «Edit.» We recommend that you hold down the photo while editing so that you can compare both versions.
    • When editing your photos, this great platform allows you to add filters; If this is what you’re looking for, select in «photo filters» and when you choose the one you like best, you need to click «Apply». You will notice that a control will appear, which you can drag at will, giving you the opportunity to adjust the filter.
    • For lighting, color, or to add effects, you need to click Edit and, if you want more options, press the down arrow.
    • To crop the photo, just drag the edges by clicking on the «cut and rotate» icon beforehand.
  4. Select «Done» when you have finished editing the photo.

Join the videos

If you need to join the videos, you can do it by creating a «movie».

  1. You need to sign in to your Google Account.
  2. At the bottom you need to click on «Library» and then on «Utilities».
  3. Once you’ve done that, go to the «Create» icon and click «Movie.»
  4. A pop-up screen will appear in which you have to click on «New movie».
  5. Select the videos you want to subscribe to and select «Create» in the upper right.
  6. When you’re done, click «Save.»

google photo filters

Create transitions

The transitions are visual effects that appear when you move one image or swipe to the next during a slide show. They are so effective that when you create them, you can customize them by adding sounds and, in turn, creating a new transition effect; also controlling speed.

To create a transition, you need to open the Google Photos Editor presentation across any platform. Then click the «Transitions» tab and click the down arrow to display the wide range of transition effects. When choosing the desired transition, adapt it to your requirements and once it is ready you have to click on «Done».

Make a collage

A collage is translated into several photos combined into a single format, ie a single photo. To be able to create a collage using Photo Editor, follow the steps below:

  1. On your computer, go to
  2. When you enter the Google Photos page, enter your username and password for your Google Account.
  3. You will see, on login, a menu on the left side of the screen; Click on «Utilities».
  4. Go to «Create», click «Collage».
  5. Choose the photos you want to include in the collage.
  6. Once the photos have been selected, you need to click «Create» at the top of the screen.

use Google Photos on your phone

You can also create collages directly at over the grid.

  1. Using your computer, go to
  2. Clearly, you need to sign in to your Google Account.
  3. Select the + symbol at the top of the screen.
  4. Automatically select «Animation or collage».
  5. You can select the desired check mark by moving the cursor to the photo and pressing it.
  6. To select multiple photos, follow the same procedure.
    • For a collage, you can select between 2 and 9 photos.

How to create a movie using Google Photos?

You can create movies using Google Photos on your mobile device or on the web.

If you want to create a movie on your mobile device, follow the instructions below:

  • Enter «Google Photos» and in the first tab of the application select «Assistant».
  • Once you’ve done the above, click «Movie»; You’ll find it below the creation section at the top of the screen.

From here, it’s the same procedure as in Google Photos via the web, so keep reading the procedure from Google Photos on the web.

google photo editor

To create a movie using Google Photos on the web you must follow the instructions below:

  • Press the «+ Create» button at the top right of the screen.
  • A menu with more options will be displayed automatically, so that the type of content you want to create is left to your choice. In this menu you need to locate the «Movie» option, which will appear in third place.
  • You will go directly to the movie creation screen; Here you have to choose the theme for the movie. It is important to clarify that the option to create a movie from scratch is NOT available on the web, but the chosen theme does not matter, because then it is possible to completely edit the movie to change the photos.
  • After choosing the theme, you need to select the people you want to appear in the album. Once the photos are selected, click the «Done» button in the upper right to finish creating the album.
  • After completing the movie creation procedure, you need to wait a few seconds for Google Photos to create the album.
  • At the end of the process, the platform will send a notification, where you have to enter the «For you» section of the web and watch the movie, then press the «Save» button to add it to your albums.

Where do videos saved in Google Photos go?

Both the videos and photos you have can be saved in Google Photos, entering your Google Account storage.

First of all, you should always keep in mind that all files that are exported via Google Drive to Google Photos will be sent with the upload size you chose earlier.

Regarding the size of the upload, it depends on the decision you make when creating the backup, because you can save the photos in their original quality where the size and quality of the photos are maintained, but at the same time the size of the photos is deducted from Google Drive storage.

If you want to back up high quality, the photo size will be reduced by up to 16 MP and 1080 for videos.